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The Walrus Audio Lore Reverse Soundscape Generator gives you an expansive palette of tone-sculpting tools to craft ethereal soundscapes. With this innovative pedal, you can reverse, pitch-shift and time-stretch your delays and reverbs into an otherworldly adventure. The Lore features five luscious programs, each with its own set of controls to shape your ambient creations.

Craft Atmospheric Reverses and Pitches

You have five programs at your disposal for crafting ambient soundscapes. Program 1 combines reverse delay and reverb for a spacious wash of sound as your signal bounces between the two effects. Program 2 adds an octave-up shimmer to an airy reverb, while Program 3 generates a darker tone with octave-down pitch shifting and distortion in the reverb. Program 4 places reverse reverb before a standard reverb for a dramatic entrance and Program 5 features two pitch delays that harmonize as they repeat your signal.

Sculpt Tones With Analog Feedback

The two analog feedback paths in the Lore allow each program to blend affected and unaffected signals uniquely. The paths interact to provide an array of tones to explore. You can increase or decrease the amount of pitch shifting or reverb in the feedback trails and shape the character of each program. The results range from atmospheric pads to rhythmic, sequencer-like effects depending on the delay time and feedback settings.

Add Movement With Modulation

To create textures that evolve over time, the Lore provides modulation control. Adjust the Mod knob to add modulation to the wet signal, causing the pitch and delays to waver. Hold the bypass footswitch and turn the Mod knob to set the modulation rate. The blue bypass LED will blink to indicate the rate for a visual reference. Adding modulation to the already atmospheric programs results in a sea of swirling, shifting tones.

Momentarily Bend Time With Innovative Dive/Rise Momentary Switch

Want to briefly speed up or slow down your delays? Hold down the Dive/Rise momentary switch to shift the clock rate up or down. Release the switch and your delays will return to the original tempo. A green LED indicates Rise mode is active for a speed-up, while a blue LED shows Dive mode is on for a slow-down. This innovative feature lets you add interesting pitch bends and textures to your ambient soundscapes.

Added Features for Extra Depth

On the Lore, you'll find additional features to enhance your ambient creations. The Mod knob adds modulation to the wet signal for wavering, undulating textures. Holding the Bypass footswitch while turning the Mod knob sets the modulation rate to your taste. The Dive/Rise momentary switch temporarily speeds up or slows down the pedal's clock rate for special effects. Simply press Bypass and Tap simultaneously to change from Dive to Rise or vice versa. LEDs indicate whether you're set to Rise (green) or Dive (blue).

Walrus Audio Lore Reverse Soundscape Generator Delay/Reverb/Pitch/Modulation Effects Pedal Black
Walrus Audio Lore Reverse Soundscape Generator Delay/Reverb/Pitch/Modulation Effects Pedal Black
Walrus Audio Lore Reverse Soundscape Generator Delay/Reverb/Pitch/Modulation Effects Pedal Black

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  • Five reverse delay and reverb programs with analog feedback paths for organic ambient soundscapes
  • Two DSP chips with independent analog feedback for unique affected and unaffected signal mixing
  • Dive/Rise momentary switch alters pedal clock rate; mod knob controls wet signal modulation rate
  • Modulation control with adjustable rate via bypass switch and LED
  • Buffered bypass, 9VDC power (300mA min), isolated power supply recommended

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