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Walrus Audio Pedal Play: Fundamental Ambient Reverb

Walrus Audio

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The Walrus Audio Fundamental Series Ambient reverb pedal delivers lush, atmospheric reverb tones perfect for any serious guitarist. Designed for simplicity without sacrificing quality, this pedal puts studio-grade reverbs at your feet. With three reverb types and an intuitive control set, you'll dial in the perfect ambient wash or subtle enhancement for your tone in seconds.

Three Lush Reverb Algorithms

This pedal gives you hall, spring and ambient reverbs to suit any style. The hall reverb emulates the rich, expansive reverberation of a concert hall for big, dramatic sounds. Spring recreates the iconic twang of an analog spring reverb tank for vintage vibes. Ambient drenches your tone in a swirling, unending reverb tail ideal for atmospheric and post-rock styles. Each reverb has a natural, uncolored tone that complements your guitar without masking its inherent character.

Intuitive Controls for Quick Adjustments

With just three knobs, you'll tweak and perfect your reverb in moments. The decay knob sets the length of the reverb tail from short and clipped to infinitely sustaining. The tone knob adjusts the color of the reverb from dark and muted to bright and prominent. The mix knob blends the wet and dry signals to set reverb depth. This simple, uncluttered interface makes it easy to find your sound and makes this pedal ideal for reverb newcomers and experienced ambience aficionados alike.

Road-Ready and Pedalboard-Friendly

The Ambient Reverb's compact cast aluminum enclosure can handle the rigors of the road and fits comfortably on any pedalboard. It features top-mounted jacks for simple and secure cable connections and comes with Walrus Audio's 5-year warranty. Power it with a standard 9V DC pedalboard power supply for plug-and-play convenience.

All the Quality You Expect From Walrus Audio

Like all Walrus Audio pedals, the Ambient Reverb is designed and handmade in Oklahoma City, USA. It features premium components for top-notch sound quality and years of reliable service. Walrus Audio is known for pedals that inspire creativity in musicians around the globe. Add lush, beautiful reverb to your tone and join the ranks of artists who rely on Walrus Audio to shape their sound.

Walrus Audio Fundamental Series Ambient Reverb Effects Pedal Black
Walrus Audio Fundamental Series Ambient Reverb Effects Pedal Black
Walrus Audio Fundamental Series Ambient Reverb Effects Pedal Black

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  • Three-way switch selects Hall, Spring or Plate reverb modes
  • Decay, Tone and Mix controls shape reverb character
  • 100mA draws minimal current
  • Designed and assembled in the USA
  • True bypass for transparent tone when disengaged

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