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The Fable Granular Soundscape Generator from Walrus Audio unlocks a magical world of sound. With five granular delay programs centered around sample and chop algorithms, the Fable creates lush soundscapes ranging from smooth ambience to chaotic swarms. The Fable's dual feedback path, developed by DSP engineers at Walrus Audio, runs your signal through two separate granular effects in series. You can then run the signals back through both effects again for layered sonic adventures.

Five Unique Programs for Complex Soundscapes

The Fable's five innovative programs give you an enchanted forest of sound at your fingertips. Program 1, Reverse Delay into Reverse Granular, combines reverse delay and reverse granular algorithms for a complex, organically shifting soundscape. Decrease the grain size for smooth reversed transients or increase it for stuttering reverse glitch effects. Program 2, Forward Delay into Octave Up Granular, pairs a forward delay with an octave-up granular program, building bright, airy cascades of double-speed grains. Program 3, Analog Delay into Octave Up Granular, matches an analog-style delay with an octave-down granular program for deep, thunderous ambience. Program 4, Multi-Tap Granular into Multi-Tap Granular features multiple points of sampled sound that can be built upon each other to create a unique sound. Finally, Program 5, Forward Delay into Randomized Pitch Granular, runs a forward delay into a random program to change the pitch with each new gain.

Shape Your Sound with Intuitive Controls

The Fable gives you intuitive control over your sonic adventures. Adjust grain size, position and buffer length to manipulate sample length, position and pitch for time stretching, pitch shifting and more. The Feedback knob lets you layer multiple granular effects. Spin the big central knob to smoothly shift between programs and discover new combinations of delay types and granular manipulations.

An Instrument for Sonic Explorers

Whether you seek to generate chaotic alien worlds or blissful ambient vistas, the Fable is an ideal instrument for sonic explorers. Its innovative programs and intuitive interface invite experimentation, letting you craft unique soundscapes all your own. Start your adventure today—the enchanted forest of sound awaits.

Walrus Audio Fable Onyx Granular Soundscape Generator Effects Pedal Black
Walrus Audio Fable Onyx Granular Soundscape Generator Effects Pedal Black
Walrus Audio Fable Onyx Granular Soundscape Generator Effects Pedal Black

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