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Introducing the Walrus Audio Canvas Tunerplay button

Introducing the Walrus Audio Canvas Tuner

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Walrus Audio Canvas Tuner Video Manual

Walrus Audio

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No matter your style of playing, the most consistently crucial component of your pedalboard is your tuner. A stalwart in the world of pedals, Walrus Audio has listened carefully to decades of guitarists’ feedback and revolutionized this ubiquitous genre of gear with their Canvas tuner pedal. Featuring a vivid 2.8" LCD screen that’s capable of multiple display orientations and brandishes impeccable accuracy, multiple bypass options and a tour-ready enclosure, the Canvas pedal delivers everything that a guitarist could ask for in a tuner.

Walrus Audio Canvas Tuner Pedal Portrait Display

Turn On, Tune Up and Rock Out

From the lowest rumbling bass to the highest-strung acoustic instruments, the Walrus Audio Canvas tuner pedal is primed to help you achieve a pitch-perfect performance with its 20Hz–20kHz frequency spectrum, which is the range of human hearing. Selectable Strobe and Needle tuning modes let you pick the visual feedback that resonates best with your workflow. And with an array of preloaded tuning presets, you can rest assured you’re covered with pinpoint accuracy at every gig and session.

Walrus Audio Canvas Tuner Pedal Landscape Display

See It Your Way

A game changer for guitar players with limited pedalboard space—or for those who love to play pedalboard Tetris—the Canvas tuner pedal lets you set the display orientation in landscape and portrait modes, giving you maximum flexibility in designing your stomping grounds. Whatever your orientation of choice, you can see it all in crystal-clear vision on Canvas' 2.8" TFT LCD screen from the darkest environments to the brightest sun-soaked stages. And for a personal touch, you can even select your own screensaver—including an option to use custom picture mode—and color theme to match your act's aesthetic.

Walrus Audio Canvas Tuner Pedal Menu Display

Get in Tune Faster (and More Accurately)

The Walrus Audio Canvas tuner sports Tune Assist guide, which quickly and precisely indicates when you're in tune and ready to move on to the next string. Once your target note stays in tune for a predetermined amount of time, a border surrounding the display flashes, letting you know you’re good to go. With a reference pitch that’s adjustable between 390–490Hz, and an accuracy of ±0.1 cent, the Canvas tuner is the perfect tuning tool for any performance.

Walrus Audio Canvas Tuner Pedal Back

Pristine Bypass

The Canvas tuner pedal’s buffered bypass feature offers a remarkably clean, low-noise, high-headroom audio buffer with a THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) ratio of 0.001%. Its high-input impedance measures 1 mohm, while it boasts a low-output impedance of 400 ohms for the utmost signal integrity. You can also opt for monitor mode, as well as relay and pass-thru bypass modes.

The Walrus Audio Canvas tuner is a clever little pedal that’s ready for any pedalboard and stage you set foot on. Loaded with player-friendly features suitable for any level, it hails from a trusted name in gear and is engineered to be a ruggedly reliable stage companion, gig after gig. Stomp into your local Guitar Center and try one out—your future self at your next show will thank you for it.

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • Rich graphics LCD display in full color
  • Accuracy to +/- 0.1 cent
  • User-adjustable backlight brightness
  • Offers tuning preset, capo tunings and selectable reference pitch
  • Onboard power pass-through jack for powering other effects
  • Multiple standby screen options, including a user-uploadable photo screensaver
  • Updatable via USB-C
  • Power requirements: 9V, 200mA minimum

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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