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The ARP-87 delay pedal offers guitarists and bassists an expansive palette of delay tones in a streamlined enclosure. Featuring four distinct algorithms—Digital, Analog, Lo-fi and Slap—the ARP-87 can produce everything from pristine repeats to warbled, filtered echoes. With the ability to save presets, tap in exact tempos and temporarily manipulate parameters via momentary switches, inspiration is always at your feet.

Four Algorithms Provide a Wealth of Delay Flavors

The Digital setting offers crystal-clear repeats ideal for rhythmic riffing, while the Analog algorithm adds warmth and dimension to chords and melodies. The Lo-fi mode ranges from pleasantly murky to AM radio-esque and the Slap back produces a perfect single repeat for country and rockabilly playing. Switching between algorithms loads an entirely new set of parameters, allowing for radically different tones at the tap of a switch.

X Knob Delivers Extra Customization

The X knob adjusts a key parameter within each algorithm to provide extra tonal shaping. In the Digital, Analog and Slap modes, the X knob controls modulation depth for added movement and realism. When using the Lo-fi setting, the knob adjusts the filter width to dial in the perfect amount of tone degradation.

Save and Recall Your Favorite Settings

With 128 presets available, you can save and instantly recall customized delay tones tailored to your needs. Save a pristine digital delay for rhythmic riffing, an analog setting for adding depth to chords, a slapback for chicken pickin' solos and a murky Lo-fi echo for ambient soundscapes. With so much tonal variety on tap, you'll want to save your favorites for easy access.

Enhanced Playability Via Momentary Switches

Two momentary switches provide enhanced real-time control over your delays. Press and hold the Bypass switch to temporarily activate the delay for quick bursts of ambiance, then release to bypass the effect again. When the delay is active, press and hold the Bypass switch to quickly ramp the X knob to its maximum setting, then release to return to your initial setting. Likewise, pressing and holding the Tap switch will max your feedback level before releasing to go back to the set level.

Whether you're looking for a simple set-and-forget delay or a pedal that inspires new creative approaches, the ARP-87 delivers. With four distinct algorithms, deep editing capabilities, preset saving and a slew of performance features, this compact delay places a world of echoes at your feet.

Walrus Audio ARP-87 Multi-Function Delay Effects Pedal - Onyx Edition Black
Walrus Audio ARP-87 Multi-Function Delay Effects Pedal - Onyx Edition Black
Walrus Audio ARP-87 Multi-Function Delay Effects Pedal - Onyx Edition Black

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