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Vox Tonelab LE Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

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With a new smaller footprint and enhanced direct recording features, the ToneLab LE is not just a floor processor for guitar effects. It's equally suited to desktop home recording. Now one unit can cover it all!ToneLab LE: Loads of new featuresThe 24-bit Vox Tonelab LE includes several improvements on its popular predecessor, the Tonelab SE. The f...  Click To Read More About This Product

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With a new smaller footprint and enhanced direct recording features, the ToneLab LE is not just a floor processor for guitar effects. It's equally suited to desktop home recording. Now one unit can cover it all!

ToneLab LE: Loads of new features
The 24-bit Vox Tonelab LE includes several improvements on its popular predecessor, the Tonelab SE. The first is a 5-mode amp/line out voiced specially for various applications, from playing into different amp types to direct recording to live performance through a PA system. The Line 2 amp/line setting features a 3-band Master EQ section modeled after one of the most acclaimed live mixers ever manufactured. This allows you to EQ the sound of your Tonelab LE Valvetronix to suit any room or sound system. For greater flexibility in recording applications, an S/PDIF output is included. The acoustic simulator now offers the choice between 3 popular acoustic guitar types plus a resonator. Finally, the Tonelab LE wouldn't be complete without some additional guitar effects! A metal distortion sound will satisfy your need for extreme gain. A slap reverb rounds out the ambient effects and a multi-tap chorus gives you independent chorus taps for each of the left, center and right outputs, producing stunning depth and spaciousness.

VOX Valve Reactor delivers true tube sound
The power amp section on the ToneLab LE features patented VOX Valve Reactor circuitry. This unique technology enables these units to provide the sound, feel and dynamic range that, previously, were only possible with a multitude of all-tube amplifiers. The Valve Reactor circuit uses a 12AX7 dual triode vacuum tube, a virtual output transformer and a dummy speaker circuit that simulates the reactive load of a real speaker. It reconfigures itself so that its characteristics are the same as the amps it's modeling (class A, class AB, negative feedback circuit, etc.). This means that all of the nuances of the original amp model including sound, feel, distortion and presence are reproduced.

Sophisticated modeling technology
Starting with VOX's own AC30, the 16 amp sounds range from rare vintage amps to high-end modern amps. From clean sounds to extreme high-gain distortion, these models cover a wide range of tonal possibilities. Cabinet modeling reproduces the acoustic characteristics of ten different cabinet shapes and speaker types.

A range of high-quality effects
The guitar effects are categorized into modulation, delay, and reverb, with eleven types provided for each category. Effects range from stomp box to studio-quality effects and include a rare analog chorus, rotary speaker, and vintage delay/echo. Some effects let you change the output settings (monaural, stereo, or stereo output of wet/dry signals) or the connection order of the modulation, delay, and reverb effects for even more flexibility. There are also 16 pedal effects, including wah, overdrive, distortion, fuzz and acoustic simulator. Easy knob-based editing means that you can easily tweak this rich array of effect types and parameters to your personal taste right on the unit without having to scroll through time consuming parameter menus.

120 Program memories
The amp, cabinet, and effect settings can be saved into 120 programs locations. There are also 40 preset programs that contain classic settings for each amp model.

More expressive potential
The Vox ToneLab LE Valvetronix provides an expression pedal you can use to control wah, volume and many other effect parameters. Assign the pedal to control the delay time, modulation speed or depth, or many other parameters, giving you an enormous range of creative possibilities. The QuickAssign function makes it easy to assign a parameter at a single touch.

Usable, Flexible
You can assign the control switches to control parameters such as tap tempo, effect on/off, or rotary speed. The LCD screen that displays parameter names and detailed information is backlit for increased visibility. A valve icon shows the number and model of the power tubes used in the original amp being modeled. Convenient end/return jacks are provided, which allow you to connect external insert effects such as distortion or over-drive. You can also switch the insert effect on/off at a touch of a foot switch.

Editing software lets you save and edit sounds
Dedicated editing software for ToneLab LE can be downloaded from This software displays all parameters, making editing even easier, and also lets you stockpile an unlimited number of your own sound programs and share them with your friends.

Built-in tuner
The Auto Chromatic Tuner has its own independent LED display for excellent visibility. The tuner also provides a mute function for silent tuning on stage.

All the right ins and outs
Perfect for home recording and live performance, ToneLab LE includes everything you need for killer guitar sound. Featuring an S/P DIF optical digital output and MIDI IN and OUT connectors, ToneLab LE effects processor offers you plenty of potential and numerous options to expand your system. You can use the effect insert jacks to connect an external effect processor or stompbox, and the headphone out is just what you need for late-night practicing.


Amp types: 16
Cabinet types: 11
Pedal type effects: 16
Modulation type effects: 11
Delay types: 11
Reverb types: 11
Noise reduction: 1
Number of programs: 120 (30 banks x 4 programs)
Input x 1
Insert return x 1
Output x 2
Insert send x 1
Headphones x 1
Level knob (adjusts output and headphones)
Digital audio output
S/PDIF(optical) x 1
Valve: 12AX7 (ECC83) x 1
Signal Processing A/D, D/A: 24-Bit
Tuner Range: A0-C7 (27.5Hz-2093Hz)
Tuner Calibration: A=438Hz-445Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H) 500 x 249 x 80 (mm) / :19.69 x 9.80 x 3.15 (inches)
Pro Coverage
Manufacturer's Warranty
One year parts and labor warranty.

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VoxTonelab LE Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

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(34 of 41 customers found this review helpful)


Great tone, small package!

By Stuart

from Detroit

Comments about Vox Tonelab LE Guitar Multi Effects Pedal:

I recently purchased the Tonelab LE and it rocked right out of the box! We plugged it directly into our board to record the guitar tracks and it was just amazing. The sound and tonal quality was better than all the existing amplifiers that we were originally using! (Marshall, Messa, Fender) We were able to try several different amp and cabinet configurations with ease and dial in the right amount of gain and effects in seconds! The only issue I have is that my Vox AD50 already has a "tube valvetronix" on board and I just can't get a clean enough channel to get the best tonal quality with the Tone Lab LE playing through it. (The amp itself sounds excellent.)All I have to do is find a good "glass-clean" sounding amp (more than likely a solid state) so I can get that incredible sound that the Vox Tonelab has all by itself!

(19 of 21 customers found this review helpful)


Vox Got It Right This Time!!!

By Fretlord

from Sugar Land, TX

Comments about Vox Tonelab LE Guitar Multi Effects Pedal:

I currently own the Tonelab desktop version and had considered the SE, but was anxious to see if Vox wold come out with an updated version that could produce heavier sounds than the other two. Well, bingo, Vox got it right this time! While there will be some who will still complain about the inability to use a compression pedal in combination with wah, distortion, whatnot, I still find this a VERY useful tool that blows everything else that Line 6 or BOSS have to offer! And is it just me, or did they do a better job at the factory pre-sets? For anyone's information, I use my Tonelab for fly-in gigs around the country and abroad and while it was an effective alternative to carrying around a head and rack gear, it always left me a little emtpty. No more, I REALLY think the LE will fill the void that my older one could not. In fact, my main rig for local regional shows is a Valvetronix AD120VTH and I may even get rid of it and upgrade to an actual tube power amp to power my LE. It is that impressive!

(19 of 29 customers found this review helpful)


Toss out all of your pedals....

By Rex Anything

from Castro Valley, CA

Comments about Vox Tonelab LE Guitar Multi Effects Pedal:

Takes the place of (and sounds better than, and is easier to use) than a mess of pedals all chained together. Massive tone and unrivaled effects control are right at the tip of your toes. If you like it simple, it couldn't be easier. If you like to tweak the controls for days, you can do that too. This unit is the bomb. For playing live or recording, you can't beat it.

(16 of 19 customers found this review helpful)


VOX Tonelab LE - The Ultimate!


from Clearwater, FL

Comments about Vox Tonelab LE Guitar Multi Effects Pedal:

After a relentless search, I recently purchased the VOX ToneLab LE. It was one of two units that Guitar Center had in the entire southeast region and it?s been on backorder everywhere. Needless to say it was worth the effort to find. This is the BEST floor modeler/signal processor EVER built for guitar. It has excellent true-to-tube tone and its functionality and features are unparalleled. I?m truly speechless. The sound samples online don't even come close to doing this unit justice. It is highly versatile! It blows my BOSS GT off the map. And it works effortlessly with my computer/midi rig. I would have given a 5 for quality, but the LCD screen is delicate and I had a problem with it the first day. I would have given a 5 for features also, but there is no way to easily jump to the tuner (as in the GT-6/8). Despite these two little issues, it is an EXCELLENT piece of gear. I use it through a Crate PowerBlock and GT112SL 1x12 and it makes that little rig sound like a stack worth 20 times the price!

(11 of 11 customers found this review helpful)


The Best (Believe Me I have tried them all)

By Trevor Brown

from Kansas City, MO

Comments about Vox Tonelab LE Guitar Multi Effects Pedal:

The Vox ToneLab LE is better than everything on the market. I have owned a Boss GT 10, Digitech, and other boutique petals. There is not a better pedal out there, no matter how expensive. The boss was good, but it didn't sound REAL. It has that digital edge that doesn't feel like a tube amp. It is very punchy with overbearing attack. The vox sounds perfect. I am a tone fanatic, and i am not easily impressed. I bought a Peavey Valveking (due to specific schematics so i could do all of my own modifications) and i dont even use the distortion on the amp because the vox is amazing. It has got a presence control. This is the heart of your tube tone where you have plenty of treble, but it isn't overbearing or fuzzy. The Clean and Acoustic simulator are also amazing. The pedal has all of the effects processing you will ever need to give your tone a wet and buttery feel. It has a amp model bypass to you can still plug in a marshall and use the effects on the vox. It has the tube feel and superb tone that you will never be able to get out of a solid state pedal, EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is also very cheap, but dont let that fool you, it sound like it should be 10 Grand !!!!! Get this Pedal !!!!!!!!!!!

(5 of 5 customers found this review helpful)


VOX Tonelab LE


from Ft Wright, Kentucky

Comments about Vox Tonelab LE Guitar Multi Effects Pedal:

If you have tried the chain saw sounding ME50 and ME70 and if you are exhausted with all of the small one dimensional pedals, then the VOX Tonelab is for you. This is the most awesome pedal I have tried and believe me I have tried and bought many. The Tonelab has awesome clean, modulation and delay and has hundreds of variations that produce high gain tube distortion. It does have a tube so it may be a bit more fragile so buy the Roadrunner case for $39 that fits it perfectly. ROCK ON!!

(4 of 4 customers found this review helpful)


Works great,so far...........

By RustyB

from Stow, Ohio

Comments about Vox Tonelab LE Guitar Multi Effects Pedal:

Had this LE for about a week and it is an impressive unit, especially considering the price. It was delivered about an hour before I had to leave for a gig. That was enough time to do a quick setup on a few patches and use it for the gig. The tube amp simulation works nicely. The effects are reasonably close to the original box which they are trying to emulate. The tuner is adequate.

(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


Vox ToneLab LE

By Kyle

from Kansas City, MO

Comments about Vox Tonelab LE Guitar Multi Effects Pedal:

The ToneLab is a very good pedal. It has a wide variety of delay/echo, reverb, chorus, flanger, wah, octave, phasers, noise gates, tremolos, and acoustic settings. The most impressive part of the pedal however, is the distortion. You can dial in a guitar head, and then a guitar cabinet to meet your needs for the particular style. The pedal's best combinations sound spectacular with absolutely no fuzzy, transistory sounds that cheaper solid state amps give you. It sounds better than ANY other pedal I have ever used. It is WAY better sounding that digitech boards.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Better then Line 6 and those other guys, WAY BETTER!

By TheTruth

from Manhattan Beach, CA

Comments about Vox Tonelab LE Guitar Multi Effects Pedal:

Stop looking, this device sounds really natural compared to the rest of the guys. I sold my Mesa Boogie Triaxis and 2:90 amp, then bought this and WOW! If you play covers or want a no fuss easy set-up great sounding (tube like), INEXPENSIVE multi effects unit buy this! You will not regret it. Now that's the Truth!

(0 of 1 customers found this review helpful)



By Shaggy

from Washington, D.C.

Comments about Vox Tonelab LE Guitar Multi Effects Pedal:

I purchased the ToneLab LE earlier this summer and I absolutely love this thing. It is soooo versatile for any genre of music. I play mostly rock and it's just absolutely amazing. My favorite band is INCUBUS and their guitarist uses a lot of cool, different effects and I've programmed them alllll right onto my pedal and they sound EXACTLY like the songs. I play it through a Vox AD50VT amp which is also a tube amp. I've read reviews saying that they can't get a good clean sound out of the pedal because of the tubes in the pedal itself and the tubes in their amp. All you have to do is tweak the settings on your amp. Put it on the clean sound and turn the treble, middle, and bass down accordingly to your preference of clean settings. Bottom line, this thing is awesome if you're a traveling or studio musician. You program EVERYTHING you need right there at your feet. Even if you're just getting into a band or gigs and such, it still great to get your hands on one just to learn about the programing and things. I recommend it for anyone out there. AWESOME!!!!

(0 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Still Waiting!

By Erik

from East Patchogue, NY

Comments about Vox Tonelab LE Guitar Multi Effects Pedal:

Unfortunately this pedal is on back order. I tried to get a hold of one for a week, calling every store on the Island and even Manhattan. No luck. Hopefully it gets sent by June 1st. I've read everything there's to read about it and haven't seen any negative thing about it. I think and hope this is the pedal I've been searching for. I used a pedal board for the past 5yrs or so and it has become more of an inconvienence. At this point I'm not looking for drastic effects, but more slightly different tonal "colors" (little compression here more reverb for this part little more treble there volume swells etc:)This pedal will come in handy with the two bands I'm currently working with, just wish I didn't have to wait so long! arrgh!

Displaying reviews 1-11

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