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The Vox Mini Go 3 reimagines what a mini amp can be, with the ability to power it anywhere using a USB battery pack. This ultra-portable 3W modeling amp packs a revamped rhythm section with 33 patterns so you can lay down a beat to jam or write songs. The Mini Go 3 serves up natural-sounding updated amp models and effects like vocoder and octave for creative tone-shaping. Its single 5" speaker outputs a surprisingly full sound. Plug into the aux input to play along with songs from your phone or MP3 player. With the Mini Go 3, inspiration can strike at home or on the go.

Jam Anywhere With Portable USB Battery Power

The Mini Go 3 gives you the freedom to play wherever you want, without being tethered to an outlet. Just connect any USB battery pack that meets the proper output specification to power up the amp. Now you can jam at the park, beach or wherever your portable battery can take you. The mini design weighs under 8 pounds, making it easy to throw in a backpack and carry to your next gig. When powered on, the Mini Go 3 projects your guitar, effects and backing rhythms through its single 5" speaker with impressive volume and richness.

Practice And Write With 33 Updated Rhythms

An improved rhythm function on the Mini Go 3 amp makes solo practicing or songwriting sessions more productive and inspiring. Choose from 33 different drum and percussion patterns covering rock, pop, blues, R&B, jazz, Latin, reggae, country and more. The rhythms provide a solid, realistic groove to play over, helping to sharpen your timing and technique. Create chord progressions and melodies over the beats, building a framework for new song ideas. The updated rhythms on the Mini Go 3 will spark your creativity whether practicing at home or capturing musical ideas on the go.

Sculpt Your Sound With Natural Amp Models and Effects

The Mini Go 3 comes loaded with a variety of amp models and effects to shape your tone. Dial in sparkling clean tones, bluesy grit, heavy crunch and more with models based on classic amps. Add effects like chorus, delay and tremolo for further tone-sculpting possibilities. New additions like vocoder and octave effects let you experiment with radical changes to your sound. The amp models and effects sound impressively natural and responsive through the Mini Go 3's 5" speaker and 3W of power. Unleash your creativity by crafting your signature sound.

Jam Along With External Audio

An aux input on the Mini Go 3 lets you plug in a smartphone, MP3 player or other external audio device. Now you can play along with your favorite songs for practice or jam with backing tracks. Control the volume of both your guitar and the aux input with separate knobs. The Mini Go 3 becomes an ultra-portable backing band for solo instrumental work or vocal performances. With power from a USB battery pack, you can use the aux input for impromptu jam sessions anywhere.

VOX Mini Go 3 Battery-Powered Guitar Amp Smoky Beige
VOX Mini Go 3 Battery-Powered Guitar Amp Smoky Beige
VOX Mini Go 3 Battery-Powered Guitar Amp Smoky Beige

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  • 3-watt modeling amplifier
  • Revamped rhythm function with 33 patterns
  • Can be powered by portable USB battery
  • Updated amp models and effects, with new vocoder and octave effects

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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One year parts and labor warranty.

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