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Danny Carey Explains Signature

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Vic Firth's Danny Carey Signature Drumsticks were created in collaboration with the legendary Tool drummer himself to meet the demands of his intense playing style. The unique cut-in grip provides an ergonomic shape for reduced fatigue during extended practice or performance, while the tapered butt end offers superior balance and resonance.

Cut-In Grip Design Channels Power and Control

The Danny Carey Signature Drumsticks' innovative cut-in grip design provides drummers with a comfortable yet locked-in feel for harnessing power and maintaining control. The ergonomic shape reduces stress on the hands and allows for fluid movement around the drum kit. The added traction from the cut-in grip gives drummers the confidence to perform complex rhythms and techniques without the sticks slipping or twisting.

Tapered Butt End Boosts Balance and Projection

The tapered butt end on the Danny Carey Signature Drumsticks provides a lightweight feel for enhanced balance, speed and rebound. The tapered tip also focuses the sound for maximum projection and cut, allowing drummers to achieve a full, resonant tone for any style of music. The improved balance and focused sound are especially noticeable on ride cymbals, where the tapered tip provides a flexible bounce and clear, cutting articulation.

Durable Wood Tips For Consistent, Robust Tone

The Danny Carey Signature Drumsticks feature durable wood tips that provide drummers with a consistent, robust tone. The wood tips have a large surface area that resonates powerfully when striking drums or cymbals, producing a full, warm sound with plenty of attack. The wood tips are also more durable than nylon tips, resisting wear and tear after continuous playing. Drummers can expect the same familiar feel and sound from the Danny Carey Signature Drumsticks for many hours of playing.

Designed for Extreme Playing Conditions

With Danny Carey's intense and complex playing style in mind, the Danny Carey Signature Drumsticks were built to withstand the most extreme playing conditions. The sturdy hickory construction and durable wood tips allow drummers to unleash their full power and technical ability without fear of the sticks warping, chipping or breaking. Drummers seeking a premium set of sticks that can keep up with their hardest-hitting playing need look no further than the Danny Carey Signature model.

Vic Firth Danny Carey Signature Drum Sticks

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  • Cut in gripping area
  • Tapered butt end
  • Length = 16-1/2"
  • Diameter = .695" at the butt, .630" at the shaft