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Vater's Cajon Brushes are an innovative brush/stick hybrid. With durable yet flexible polymer strands and comfortable rubber grips, the Cajon Brushes are engineered to bring out the full potential of cajon drums and hand percussion. Musicians will appreciate their versatility and high-quality construction.

Flexible Polymer Strands Provide Expressive Tone

The Cajon Brushes' wavy polymer strands move fluidly across the cajon drumhead, creating a wide range of tones from bold and punchy to soft and subtle. The strands are securely attached to the brush backs, allowing for confident, articulate playing.

Ergonomic Design Promotes Natural Technique

Vater designed the Cajon Brushes for extended playing comfort. The brushed aluminum backs transition seamlessly into rubberized grips that conform comfortably to the hand. This ergonomic shape reduces fatigue, even during lengthy practice or performance sessions.

Rugged and Road-Ready

While the Cajon Brushes produce a nuanced range of tones, they are also built to withstand the demands of travel and stage use. The aluminum and polymer components are durable yet lightweight, and the rubber grips provide a secure hold through any playing situation. Musicians can rely on the Cajon Brushes to deliver a lifetime of expressive performances.

A Versatile Addition to Any Percussion Setup

The Cajon Brushes' innovative design makes them ideal for cajon drums, but their tonal qualities also shine on other hand percussion like djembes, congas and frame drums. Drummers and percussionists will find countless ways to incorporate the Cajon Brushes into their setups.

Vater Cajon Brushes - Pair

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm