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The UFIP Est. 1931 Series Sizzle Ride cymbal has amazing stick definition with added texture for a vintage sound today's drummers will love.

After a long process of research and experimentation, in close cooperation with UFIP's Artist Federico Paulovich, the new “Est.1931 Series” is here, as a tribute to the year of the company’s foundation. “Est.1931” cymbals are dry, smooth, warm with a traditional sound, but updated to perfectly fit new modern music styles. Rides are extremely dry, musical, very controllable with an excellent stick definition, but still crashable.
UFIP Est. 1931 Series Sizzle Ride Cymbal 21 in.
UFIP Est. 1931 Series Sizzle Ride Cymbal 21 in.

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  • 21 in. cast Bronze B20 alloy
  • Made using the Rotocasting® procedure
  • Specially designed with a small bell for perfect control
  • Hand hammered for incredibly detailed sound
  • Works for traditional and modern jazz, big band, Funk, Pop, drum and bass and more
  • Dry, smooth, warm, soft sound, with frequencies concentrated in the low range

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