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The UFIP Est. 1931 Series Hi-Hat cymbals sit well in the mix with a warm chick that isn't too overpowering and excellent response for a sound today's drummers will love.

After a long process of research and experimentation, in close cooperation with UFIP's Artist Federico Paulovich, the new Est.1931 Series is here, as a tribute to the year of the company’s foundation. Est.1931 cymbals are dry, smooth, warm with a traditional sound, but updated to perfectly fit new modern music styles. The hi-hats feature a warm chick, dry sound, good response and great control.
UFIP Est. 1931 Series Hi-Hat Cymbals 15 in.
UFIP Est. 1931 Series Hi-Hat Cymbals 15 in.

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  • 14 or 15 in. cast Bronze B20 alloy
  • Made using the Rotocasting® procedure
  • Specially designed with a small bell for perfect control
  • Hand hammered for incredibly detailed sound
  • Works for traditional and modern jazz, big band, Funk, Pop, drum and bass and more
  • Dry, smooth, warm, soft sound, with frequencies concentrated in the low range

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