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The Realist Violins

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Any violinist with an extensive repertoire can appreciate having a versatile instrument that they can play unplugged or plugged-in with ease. And since each one comes equipped with integrated pickups and conveniently placed controls, this selection of The Realist violins makes it easy to play either way without having to adapt during the transition from acoustic to amplified violin performances. Made in Europe and set up in the USA, these fine instruments have contemporary design features for violinists who are passionate about playing without compromising the authentic string sound.

In the choice between natural and amplified acoustics, The Realist RV4e E-Series 4-String Violin is one way to get the best of both worlds so you can go seamlessly go from one to the other. This handcrafted beauty has a solid spruce and maple structure, ebony fittings and a special transducer pickup that ensures the instrument's true sound. A round neck makes the violin easy and comfortable to play. Super on the stage or in the studio, this fine string instrument delivers clear, balanced tone that makes it a pleasure for you to perform with and your audience to listen to.

If you play a variety of music styles, The Realist RV5Pe Pro E-Series Frantique 5-String Violin provides the versatility you might be seeking for handling both live and recorded performances. It has a fully carved top made of select Carpathian spruce, as well as The Realist's much-touted pickup system to prevent feedback when you get loud. It plays like a charm and provides great acoustic sound plus realistic electric output when you want to amp up your performance on the strings. Best of all, its built-in features such as the volume and tone knob, plus an input jack in the back, are simple to access and use.

As you read more about these acoustic-amplified models, you'll be impressed at how much consideration has gone into the modern innovations used to create the best playing experience. This is fantastic news for anyone who plays a range of music styles and in different venues. The lineup of The Realist Violins that you're looking at here is made up of instruments elegantly crafted from premium woods with built-in pickups to give rich, lustrous tone without losing those organic musical qualities when you amplify your volume.