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Introducing the B E A C O N ™ | Clip-on Digital 5-way Accessoryplay button

Introducing the B E A C O N ™ | Clip-on Digital 5-way Accessory


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The Taylor Beacon is a clip-on headstock tuner loaded with a quartet of additional functions for everyone from beginning players to gigging musicians. Featuring a tuner, metronome, timer, countdown and flashlight, the Beacon 5-way clip-on tool is an indispensable multipurpose device that’s convenient and easy to use. Just attach the compact multitool to the headstock of your favorite acoustic, electric, bass, violin, ukulele, mandolin or dulcimer, and tune with confidence, practice or warm up to a metronome, time your sessions and more. Its highly legible color LCD screen produces a crisp, bright image, whether you’re jamming at home or rocking on a dimly lit stage. The Taylor Beacon also offers a long-lasting charge, indicated by an onscreen 3-band battery life display, and it’s rechargeable over USB for effortless reliability. Toss a Beacon in your gig bag and never be stranded without the essentials.

Taylor Beacon Clip-On Tuner

Stay on Pitch

The Taylor Beacon is a headstock tuner first and foremost, capable of fast-reading, accurate pitch detection for a variety of stringed instruments. Select one of the five CGBVU (Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele) tuning modes to ensure the most precise starting point, and then use the easy-to-read dot/strobe display to calibrate your pitch. The Beacon tuner also supports reference frequency values between 430Hz–450Hz for additional refinement.

Taylor Beacon Metronome

Hone Your Chops

Other than a tuner, the metronome is another fundamental accessory every guitarist or bassist should have in their arsenal. Spend practice time efficiently using the Taylor Beacon built-in metronome, whether you’re tightening up your rhythm playing or exercising advanced techniques for speed and fluency. Select from a dozen time signature presets, adjust the tempo from 30–208 BPM and set the volume to low, high or off—the LED display ticks between beats as an alternative visual timekeeper. Metronomes are great for writing, too, creating a pocket to play in as the song comes to life.

Taylor Beacon Timer

Practice With Purpose

A focused practice routine generally allots a specific amount of time per exercise. You’re in tune and the tempo is ticking, so set the Taylor Beacon timer or countdown clock to keep track of the minutes as they fly by while playing. The timer can be set for up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds, and it starts over once it passes the chosen threshold. Alternatively, a countdown performs the same function in reverse, sounding an alarm after it ticks down to zero. These settings are helpful for timing a setlist at rehearsal, giving yourself a dedicated warm-up period backstage or for practicing short, individual exercises for maximum gains with minimal burnout. Both the timer and countdown continue while using other Beacon modes.

Taylor Beacon Acoustic Guitar Tuner

A Beacon for the Stage

Living up to its name, the Taylor Beacon clip-on multitool illuminates the dark with its built-in flashlight. Since it’s located on the back of the device, the Beacon can be removed from the headstock and aimed by holding onto the clamp. Considering the many pitfalls of onstage performance, this clever feature comes in handy if you drop a pick, accidentally unplug a cable somewhere in the signal path or need to read sheet music. Keep the Taylor Beacon pocketed during load-in, on stage and while loading out, and you’re equipped with an extra light source that’s arguably easier to wield than your phone.

Headstock clip-ons, like the Taylor Beacon, offer fast and reliable tuning for stringed instruments—especially acoustic ones lacking the electronics to plug into a pedal or rack tuner. Possessing five distinct functions, this adaptable gadget keeps your instrument in tune, your practice goals on track and the dark recesses of any venue alight. Signal that you’re ready to hit the stage by picking up a Taylor Beacon 5-way headstock tool at your local Guitar Center today.

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • Thin Film Transistor (TFT) color LCD screen produces a sharp, bright image for easy visibility
  • Selectable CGBVU tuning modes (Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele)
  • Easy-to-read dot/strobe display for fast, precise tuning calibration
  • Reference pitch Hz values selectable from 430–450Hz
  • Select from 12 pre-set time signatures
  • Selectable BPM (from 30–208 BPM)
  • Click volume is adjustable to three levels
  • LED display moves back and forth between beats
  • Set timer for up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds
  • Countdown tracks live sets or practice sessions
  • Countdown can be set for up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds
  • Sonic alarm feature when countdown reaches zero (will sound while using another mode)
  • Turn flashlight on/off by simultaneously pressing the "Up" and "Down" buttons
  • USB rechargeable cable included (no batteries required)
  • Long-lasting charge with 3-band battery life display

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