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Takamine Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars

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For more than 50 years, Takamine has been dedicated to the art of guitar craftsmanship. It's this long-standing commitment that has put Takamine at the forefront of acoustic guitar makers. The fact that their instruments are played by guitar greats like Jon Bon Jovi, Garth Brooks and Bruno Mars only adds to their respected reputation on the world stage. Takamine's left handed acoustic guitars are designed for southpaws with the desire to fine-tune and develop their musical craft. When it's time to add your name to Takamine's ever-growing list of musicians, browse through this section to determine which acoustic guitar is best for you. If you're a stage musician who cares about your look just as much as your sound, check out the EF341SC-SH Legacy Dreadnought Series Left Handed Electric Acoustic Guitar. Not only does this guitar project full, rich tones that sound beautiful when unplugged - it also has a shining jet black gloss finish that reflects stage lights like polished glass. Its cutaway body style provides comfortable access to the higher frets, giving you the chance to really let loose on ear-piercing solos. Another great Takamine left handed model is the Pro P1DC-LH Left Handed Acoustic-Electric Guitar. This single cutaway dreadnought resonates rich, warm harmonies thanks to its solid cedar top and sapele back and sides. Outfitted with the highly-acclaimed CT4B II preamp system, this Takamine guitar is perfect for artists who want the option of plugging in while performing on stage. When you get right down to it, any Takamine guitar you decide to choose will sound fantastic and make you stand out from the competition. Whether you've been playing the six-string for years or just started yesterday, Takamine has a left handed acoustic guitar for every taste and style, right here in this catalog.