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TAMA's Roadpro Series Snare Stand provides drummers with a sturdy and reliable way to position their snare drum for performances and recording sessions. This professional snare stand features a 12"-16" diameter base, quick-set tilter and double-braced legs for stability and durability on stage. Its sleek black finish and minimal design allow it to blend into any drum setup while internal design features reduce rattling and unwanted noise. For drummers seeking pro-level gear that can handle the demands of touring, the Tama Roadpro Series Snare Stand delivers.

Stable and Secure

With its wide 12"-16" base and double-braced legs, the Tama Roadpro Series Snare Stand provides a stable platform for your snare drum. The larger base distributes weight and prevents tipping while the reinforced legs withstand the stresses of setup, teardown and transport between shows. Anti-slip rubber feet keep the stand firmly in place on any surface. Once set, your snare will stay securely locked in the desired position throughout your performance.

Precision Adjustability

Tama's quick-set tilter allows for precision adjustment of snare drum angle and position. Easily loosen the tilter, set your snare to the perfect angle and lock it in place by tightening the lever. With a full range of motion, you can adjust height, tilt, and drum position to suit your unique playing style and setup. The tilter's solid construction and locking mechanism ensure your settings remain fixed during playing.Adjust your height from 19" to 24.5".

Built to Last

As part of Tama's professional-level Roadpro series, this snare stand is built to withstand the demands of frequent use and transport. An all-steel construction, reinforced stress points and minimal moving parts reduce breakage and rattling while providing maximum durability. With proper care and maintenance, the Tama Roadpro Series Snare Stand will serve drummers well for years of performances and studio work.

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  • For 12" to 15" diameter snare drums
  • Quick-Set tilter
  • Swiveling basket
  • Escape claws
  • Height adjustment range: 18-7/8" to 24-5/8" (480mm - 625mm)

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