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TAMA's Metalworks Steel Snare Drum is a force of nature for drummers seeking an aggressive, industrial sound. Featuring a thick 1.2mm steel shell and triple-flange Mighty Hoops, this snare cuts through the mix with a crisp attack and sustains notes with clarity. The shell's 6.5" depth allows the pure steel material to resonate fully, unleashing the drum's potential for volume and projection.

Thick Steel Shell Delivers an Aggressive Voice

The Metalworks Steel Snare Drum's 1.2mm steel shell is nearly 50% thicker than a standard snare, giving this drum a voice that commands attention. Notes have a piercing, metallic quality with ample projection to rise above amplified instruments. The steel shell's rigidity also provides an articulate response, allowing you to achieve sharp, precise articulation with ease.

Reinforced Hardware Built to Last

TAMA outfits the Metalworks Steel Snare Drum with hardware designed to match the drum's formidable build. The single row of bridge lugs and 2.3mm triple-flange Mighty Hoops are reinforced to withstand the tension required of a steel shell, providing durable tuning stability and rimshot response. The snare wires also feature a steel alloy frame and stainless steel strings for an aggressive snare response with crisp definition.

Distinctive Badge and Black Nickel Finish

The Metalworks Steel Snare Drum's textured badge features TAMA's star logo stamped in relief, creating an industrial impression that matches the drum's bold voice. All hardware, including the shell, is finished in a sleek black nickel that absorbs light for a muted, muscular appearance. This cohesive design amplifies the drum's persona as a powerhouse built for volume and projection.

Versatile 6.5" Depth

With a depth of 6.5", the Metalworks Steel Snare Drum has enough shell to produce full-bodied projection suited to a range of genres. The depth also provides ample space for the drum's steel shell to resonate, allowing the material's natural brightness to ring through. You can achieve tones from piercing to fat and punchy by adjusting the snare wires and tuning.

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  • Solid steel snare drum with black nickel plating
  • 1.2 mm shell with protruding metal ridge at center
  • Black nickel hardware includes single-row bridge lugs
  • Triple-flange steel Mighty Hoops in matching finish
  • Industrial-style TAMA metalworks badge
  • Steel snares with black nickel throw-off and plate

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  • Snare size: 14x6.5"
  • Total pieces: 1
  • Shell material: Steel
  • Shell construction: Solid
  • Shell thickness (mm): 1.2
  • Hardware material: Black nickel
  • Hoop type: Triple-flange
  • Lugs: Bridge
  • Snares: Steel
  • Heads: Branded

collapse expand iconWarranty

Wood hoops - 30 day warranty.
All hardware (metal hoops) and shell finish - One year warranty.
Shells - 5 year warranty.