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TAMA 50th Anniversary Mastercraft Bell Brass Snare Drum | New from NAMM 2024play button

TAMA 50th Anniversary Mastercraft Bell Brass Snare Drum | New from NAMM 2024

TAMA 50th Anniversary Mastercraft The Bell Brass Reissueplay button

TAMA 50th Anniversary Mastercraft The Bell Brass Reissue


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The 50th Anniversary TAMA Mastercraft Bell Brass snare drum brings back the coveted sound and heritage of the famed 1980s model in a meticulously recreated 14x6.5" reissue. With its hand-finished 3 mm seamless bell brass shell and vintage-accurate components, the Bell Brass snare harnesses the rock punch and recording warmth that made its predecessor famous. Its careful construction pays tribute to TAMA's storied legacy while optimizing response and versatility for modern drummers.

TAMA Bell Brass Snare Drum Top

Iconic Bell Brass Shell for Legendary Rock Tone and Warmth

The 50th Anniversary TAMA Bell Brass snare lives up to its celebrated forerunner with a meticulously crafted 3 mm bell brass shell. The special copper and tin blend produces the drum's iconic sonic magic—a thick, resonant tone with clarity even at extremely high volumes. Despite its formidable punch, the Bell Brass snare retains pleasing dampened warmth and excellent dynamic range across playing styles.

TAMA Bell Brass Snare Drum Hardware

Vintage-Accurate Hardware Embodies 1980s Design

To complete the retro vibe, this 50th Anniversary Bell Brass snare comes equipped with original die-cast hoops, vintage-styled lugs and the iconic Superstar badge. TAMA's heritage resonates through this drum's every detail, from the precisely machined hardware to the aged verdigris patina finishing its shell. With a faithful recreation of each component, you can harness legendary rock power or refined recording nuance.

TAMA Bell Brass Snare Drum Shell Patina

Hand-Finished Patina Shell Celebrates TAMA History

Subtle touches like this special Bell Brass snare's hand-finished verdigris patina showcase TAMA's artistry and tradition. Along with the meticulously reproduced Superstar badge, these finishing touches reflect the drum's 1980s origins and 50-year legacy. Whether you crave vintage character or modern might, the Bell Brass snare proudly displays its heritage.

TAMA Bell Brass Snare Drum Bottom

Roller Action Strainer Optimizes Sensitivity and Response

While staying faithful to original designs, TAMA updated components like the snare strainer to suit contemporary players. The 50th Anniversary Bell Brass snare's Roller Action strainer and extended snare wires optimize sensitivity and response. Combined with the legendary shell and hardware, you get the best of both eras—vintage snare tone and modern playability.

With a precise recreation of the renowned 1980s Bell Brass snare, TAMA brings back coveted rock punch and recording magic. Drummers who appreciate rock 'n' roll history and versatility will treasure the Bell Brass snare's heritage and tone.

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Wood hoops - 30 day warranty.
All hardware (metal hoops) and shell finish - One year warranty.
Shells - 5 year warranty.