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This TAMA L-Rod is specially designed for mounting hi-hat cymbals. It allows drummers to attach a pair of hats to any clamp, holder or other hardware element that accommodates standard L-Rods. It's great for mounting auxiliary hats or experimenting with unconventional setups.

This specialized rod uses a screw clutch, which players can twist to adjust the space between the hi-hat cymbals. To mimic the sound of hi-hats mounted on a normal hi-hat stand, this model supports the top hat with a spring. This feature makes it possible to mount the cymbals in an "open" position with the right amount "slosh" or "sizzle" sound.
TAMA L-Rod for Hi-Hat Cymbal

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  • L-Rod designed to mount a pair of hi-hats
  • Screw clutch for easy adjustment of space between top and bottom
  • Top hi-hat cymbal rests on spring when in open position
  • Compatible with a variety of clamps

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