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TAMA 50th Anniversary Limited-Edition Starclassic Mirage Acrylic Drum Kit | New from NAMM 2024play button

TAMA 50th Anniversary Limited-Edition Starclassic Mirage Acrylic Drum Kit | New from NAMM 2024


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The TAMA 50th Starclassic Mirage 5-piece shell pack features seamless acrylic shells that deliver unmatched sound clarity and sleek visual appeal. With its controlled, punchy tone unaffected by climate changes, the acrylic construction provides a uniquely consistent playing experience. Contrasting black nickel hardware and piano black hoops create distinctive style. This versatile 5-piece shell pack includes a 22x16" bass drum, 10x7" and 12x8" toms, and 14x12" and 16x14" floor toms. Quality Starclassic hardware like die-cast hoops and padded claw hooks optimize playability. The kit comes equipped with clear Evans G2 batter heads and TAMA Power Craft resonants that enhance the transparent, professional tones. For drummers seeking the differentiated look and sound only acrylic can provide, the limited-run Starclassic Mirage is an iconic way to commemorate TAMA's legacy.

Seamless Acrylic Shells Provide Unmatched Sound and Visual Appeal

At the heart of the 50th Anniversary Starclassic Mirage is its seamless acrylic shell construction. Compared to traditional drums, the acrylic shells deliver unmatched clarity and projection suited for live and studio use. Visually, the transparent acrylic shells and contrasting hardware create a sleek, eye-catching aesthetic onstage. TAMA specially formulates the acrylic material, with the bass drum shell being a thicker 6.5 mm and the toms a 5.5 mm thickness for optimal resonance. Every component of the iconic Mirage drum kit is crafted for stunning sound and looks.

Achieve Unique Tone Unaffected by Climate Changes

A key benefit of acrylic shells is their consistent tone regardless of environmental conditions. Unlike wood shells that can expand and deaden in humid weather, the Mirage's acrylic remains stable. This means you can achieve the same focused attack and full-bodied rumble every time you play, even touring between venues. Acrylic also brings out more overtones for a transparent sound and the drums project with great power. With the Mirage kit, your signature sound shines through at every performance.

Contrasting Hardware and Finishes Create Distinctive Style

Complementing the see-through acrylic drums, TAMA outfits the 50th Anniversary Mirage with contrasting hardware for show-stopping style. The black nickel shell hardware elegantly accents the shells, while the piano black bass drum hoops provide understated counterpoint. Even the fundamentally simple 5-piece layout becomes a visual statement with the Mirage. With its bold yet refined contrast, the kit makes your onstage presence known. The rare Mirage acrylic drum kit commemorates five decades of TAMA's uncompromising craftsmanship.

Versatile 5-Piece Configuration With Quality Hardware

The Mirage delivers versatility for drummers with its thoughtfully configured 5-piece layout. It provides the core components needed for a wide range of musical genres and playing situations. The standard 22x16" kick drum provides deep, driving low end. With 10x7" and 12x8" rack toms plus 14x12" and 16x14" floor toms, you have a balanced setup for intricate fills and dynamic grooves. Outfitted with professional-grade Starclassic hardware, the kit also has die-cast hoops, cushioned floor tom legs and padded bass drum claws for reliable performance. This anniversary edition Mirage gives drummers a road-ready acrylic kit built to TAMA's exacting standards.

Clear Drumheads Enhance Transparent, Professional Tones

To complete the unique Mirage drumset, TAMA fits it with Evans Clear G2 batters and own-brand Clear Power Craft resonants. The clear heads enhance the seamless look and transparent tonality. Compared to coated heads, the unmuffled Evans Clear G2 batters produce brighter attack with more sustain and overtones. This allows the acrylic shells to resonate fully. The TAMA Clear Power Craft resonants have a warm, open sound that compliments the batters. Together, the drumheads yield nuanced, professional tones perfect for the stage or studio. Unlock the full potential of the iconic 50th Anniversary Mirage kit with heads engineered for acrylic's crystalline voice.

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Wood hoops - 30 day warranty.
All hardware (metal hoops) and shell finish - One year warranty.
Shells - 5 year warranty.