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The Synergy Peavey 6505 preamp module is the result of over two years of collaboration with Peavey to perfectly capture the 6505’s tone, feel, and response. This all-tube preamp module genuinely replicates and streamlines everything that makes the 6505 so popular.  Whether you're after the classic sounds that the amplifier was designed for, or the modern high-gain it's come to define, the Peavey 6505 module is where you'll find it. The Peavey 6505 module features two identical channels, each capable of nailing the amp's impressive range of grind. Both channels' Crunch setting (based on the Crunch setting of the amp's Rhythm channel) goes from bluesy breakup to hard rock punch. Lead is all about the amp's beloved red (Lead) channel, famous for its midrange articulation, low-end punch and aggressive cut. Mirror the channels and use one as a lead boost or footswitch between old-school crunch and thick leads; either way, you get authentic, all-tube Peavey 6505 tone.

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  • Two identical channels with Gain, Volume and 3-Band EQ
  • Lead or Clean select switch per channel
  • 2 x 12AX7 preamp tubes ensure rich harmonic performance
  • Easy to install and remove from Synergy preamp docks
  • Dual/Single switch allows the module to be used with older Egnater and Randall hardware
  • Three-position cathode select switch allows you to configure the input tube bias setting

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