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Super Sensitive Cello Strings

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Founded in 1930, the Super Sensitive Musical String Co. has been committed ever since to providing students, music educators and professional performers with high-quality bowed instrument strings. Of course, this most definitely includes cello strings and in this section you'll find that Super Sensitive cello strings come in an impressive variety of types. Whether you're an orchestral member who favors a mellow sound or a soloist who wants a bright tone with excellent projection, Super Sensitive has a cello string or string set with your name on it, right here.

For a better idea of which Super Sensitive cello strings best suit your playing style and application, it helps to understand how various string materials differ. For example, solid steel core cello strings are preferred by many orchestra directors for their top-notch tuning stability and long-lasting staying power. If this is to your liking, check out Super Sensitive's Red Label Cello series. These are designed with students in mind and there are many choices here, including individual top sellers like the Red Label Cello A String and complete packs like the Red Label Cello String Set.

Super Sensitive also specializes in synthetic core strings that have the feel of traditional gut strings but boast an exceptional level of stability even when exposed to temperature changes. Sound appealing? Go with the Sensicore Cello series; they have an electric-like feel and deliver a full-bodied sound that's ideal for any serious player. In fact, the Sensicore Cello Strings in this section are also popular sellers and their affordable price makes them a near-steal. Another popular Super Sensitive cello string set is their Pinnacle Cello series. Featuring a multi-stranded rope core, these strings are known for their wide array of dynamics and perfect balance of flexibility and durability.

Super Sensitive Red Label, Sensicore and Pinnacle Cello strings are also available in your choice of sizes and gauges, so be sure to explore each option fully. Like any instrument in the viol family, you cannot underestimate the importance of string choice. With that being said, you can make your search a lot easier by sticking with a company that has earned themselves a solid reputation in the orchestral world for their beautifully-crafted strings. In other words, stick with Super Sensitive cello strings - you won't regret it.