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The Suhr PT15 I.R. hybrid guitar amp head fuses classic analog tube tone with the precision of impulse response technology for unprecedented versatility. Designed by tone guru John Suhr and guitarist Pete Thorn, this amp offers the harmonics, touch sensitivity and rich overdrive that only tubes can provide, plus next-level flexibility thanks to its built-in reactive load and impulse responses. Record silently direct to your interface or PA system and precisely shape your sound with different virtual cabinets at the touch of a button. Or take it on stage and easily change tones per channel without miking up several physical cabs. From the studio to the stage, the PT15 gives you classic tube tone and modern digital convenience in one compact and portable package.

Built-In Reactive Load Enables Silent Recording or Live Use

Thanks to its built-in reactive load, the PT15can be used without connecting an external speaker cabinet. This makes it easy to record directly to your DAW or PA system, getting huge studio-quality tone silently via the line output. The reactive load is also invaluable for live use, letting you feed the house mix or monitors without dealing with miking inconsistencies. You can even have a real cab on stage for your own sound while sending a perfect IR tone to the PA or monitors. Any way you use it, the reactive load makes the PT15 incredibly flexible.

Onboard Impulse Responses Emulate Miked Cabinets

Impulse responses captured from miked cabinets are loaded directly into the PT15 letting you digitally recreate the sound of miking up your favorite cabs. It comes pre-loaded with 16 IRs of Suhr cabinets, including unique blends created by Pete Thorn. You can assign different IRs to each of the three channels so your clean tone could be an open-back 2x12 while your lead channels use closed-back 4x12s. The PT15 puts an arsenal of miked cabs at your fingertips for studio-quality direct tones.

All-Tube Signal Path Preserves Analog Warmth

Even with its digital IR versatility, the PT15 retains an all-tube signal path for organic tube compression, rich harmonics and touch-responsive dynamic control. The newly designed 6V6 power section provides surprising headroom and punch, optimized for tone instead of sheer volume. Suhr's meticulous attention to detail ensures each gain stage interacts beautifully, with no sterile digital harshness or transient clipping marring your tone. When you want real tube feel and analog mojo, the PT15 delivers in spades.

Three Channels Each with Independent IR Selection

The PT15's three channels each have their own EQ voicing and can be assigned an independent IR. You could have a jangly open-back cab for sparkling cleans on channel 1, a punchy closed-back for crunchy rhythms on channel 2 and a 4x12 for searing lead tones on channel 3. Being able to customize IRs per channel makes it easy to dial in the perfect tone for each application. Footswitchable channels let you swap sounds seamlessly, with your choice of IRs.

Aux Input and Phones Out for Silent Practice

Plug your headphones into the front panel aux output to practice anywhere without an amp or cab. You'll hear the IR-processed tone just as if you had a miked cab connected. Plug in your phone, tablet or an audio interface via the aux input and jam along to backing tracks or drum loops with studio-quality tone through your cans. Whether you're on the bus, in a hotel room or just want to rock out at home quietly, the PT15 has you covered.

Suhr PT15 I.R. Hybrid Guitar Amp Head Black
Suhr PT15 I.R. Hybrid Guitar Amp Head Black
Suhr PT15 I.R. Hybrid Guitar Amp Head Black

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  • Channels: 3
  • Output: 15W
  • Front panel: Input, (CH1) Bright Switch, Gain 1, Bass, Treble, Level 1, (CH 2/3): Bright 2/3 Switch, Gain 2, Gain 3, Bass, Middle, Treble, Level 2, Level 3, Channel Select Switch, Power & Stand By switch
  • Back panel: H.T. Fuse, Mains Fuse, Mains Input, 1/4" Speaker Outputs, Impedance Selector, FX Loop Send, FX Loop Return, Footswitch (TRS) jack
  • Tubes: 2 x 6V6GT (Power Section), 5 x 12AX7
  • FX Loop: Tube driven, buffered
  • Footswitch: Included
  • Mains Fuse: T1.5A/250V (Slo-Blo) - 100/120VAC T.75A/250V (Slo-Blo) - 230/240VAC
  • H.T. Fuse: F.5A/250V (Fast-Blo)
  • Dimensions: 20.5" (W) x 8.25" (D) x 9.25" (H)
  • Weight: 23.7 lb.

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