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The Suhr PT-15 I.R. 2x12 guitar speaker cabinet brings you the massive sound of a 4x12 in a lighter and more portable 2x12 design. Perfectly matched with the PT-15 amplifier head, this cabinet combines the iconic sound of a Celestion Greenback and Vintage 30 for a balanced guitar tone. With 50W of power handling, analog preamp tubes and built-in cabinet simulation, the PT-15 I. . offers exceptional versatility for practice, recording and live performance.

Iconic Celestion Speaker Combination

The PT-15 2x12 cabinet is loaded with one Celestion Greenback and one Celestion Vintage 30 speaker, delivering a blend of vintage and modern British guitar tones in a single 2x12 enclosure. The warm, smooth Greenback is perfectly complemented by the crunchy chime of the Vintage 30. Together, these iconic speakers give you a balanced and nuanced guitar tone, with articulate mids and tight low end.

Massive 4x12 Sound in a 2x12 Design

Despite its compact 2x12 configuration, the PT-15 cabinet is engineered to deliver the enormous sound and feel of a 4x12 cab. The large internal air space enhances bass response and resonance for a deep, punchy tone. And the angled baffle provides excellent projection to cut through on stage. Weighing in at just 35 lb. the PT-15 captures the 4x12 experience in a smaller, lighter and more portable design.

Built-in IR Cabinet Simulation

In addition to its all-analog tube preamp, the PT-15 features built-in impulse response cabinet simulation. This gives you studio-quality amplified tones direct to PA or headphones - no need for a physical guitar speaker. The PT-15 combines analog warmth and feel with digital versatility for practice, recording or playing live.

50 Watts of Valve Power

With its solid pine construction and rugged corner protectors, the Suhr PT-15 I.R. 2x12 speaker cabinet is built to keep up with your loudest performances. It handles up to 50W of valve power from the PT-15 head or other compatible amps. Crank up the volume and let your guitar sing with the organic tube overdrive and rich harmonics of the PT-15 2x12 cabinet.

Suhr PT-15 I.R. 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Black
Suhr PT-15 I.R. 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Black

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