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The Super Lieb360 (TAM) is one of the most technologically advanced metal soprano saxophone mouthpieces that Sugal Mouthpieces has ever made.

Designed by Gary Sugal in collaboration with saxophonist extraordinaire Mr. Dave Liebman in 1991 this exact TAM created  mouthpiece is ideal for any musician who aspires to the great sound of Dave Liebman.

Reminiscent of the Dave Liebman and Steve Lacy sound, the Super Lieb360 produces a dynamic, full-bodied, free flowing, warm, and lush sound.  

A rich, powerful, centered core that enables a slight edge when called upon is immediately noticeable. It features Sugal’s precision machined parallel Mini Tracks™ which focuses the air flow, economically into the chamber, allowing the metal to breathe or expand for maximum resonation.

The Super Lieb360 (TAM) used by Dave Liebman on dozens of albums and hundreds of live performances, is ideal for traditional post bob players and offers a whole new freshness with an outstanding dynamic range. It features a rich powerful centered sounding core with an enhanced edge when called upon by the artist.

This mouthpiece offers players a whole new freshness with regard to the reed-mouthpiece relationship due to the original design of the bite plate and is the perfect mouthpiece for players around the globe seeking a comfortable more substantial mouthpiece.

All mouthpieces are supplied with an exclusive built-on ligature/cap and delivered in a beautiful crystal clear Lucite box.
Sugal Super Lieb 360 TAM 18 KT Heavy Gold Plated Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece 7*
Sugal Super Lieb 360 TAM 18 KT Heavy Gold Plated Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece 7*
Sugal Super Lieb 360 TAM 18 KT Heavy Gold Plated Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece 7*

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  • The Dave Liebman SUPER LIEB 360 TAM SOPRANO mouthpiece is designed around the original Dave Liebman Super Lieb back in 1991. It retains all the same attributes as the CNC version.
  • It has a full bodied contemporary dynamic sound aspiring jazz musicians seek . 
  • It’s emulates the great sound of the Liebman/Steve Lacey era.
  • The Dave Liebman Super Lieb 360 TAM SOPRANO is never disappointing and is there when you need that little something extra.
  • It cuts through competing electronic instruments without sound nasal.
  • The Dave Liebman Super Lieb 360 TAM soprano mouthpiece can be play loud or soft at most any venue. Your always in control 
  • The Dave Liebman Super Lieb 360 TAM features a huge center core with tremendous projection
  • Most noticeably it has a substantial feel in the mouth and embraces the embouchure to be  very comfortable.
  • It is a delight to work with during those long practice sessions.
  • The Dave Liebman Duck Bill Black Hematite SOPRANO features laser treated side and tip rails as well as an evenly laser treated body.
  • The table on the Duck Bill is laser swept flat, so that your reed will respond  to those critical measurements Sugal incorporates into every facing of his mouthpieces.
  • All of Sugal’s models feature parallel re-fined “min-tracks” that can be found under the bite plate and inside the chamber.