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Drumtacs are releasable, reusable tacky sound control pads. Placed at the edge of a drum head, they will remove only the high-frequency overtone and leave a deeper, more focused sound with improved response and increased attack. This effect can be especially helpful on tightly tuned metal snares, when you want all the sharp "pop" without the squealing high-pitched part. 

Drumtacs don't just work on drums — they're also designed for cymbals. Place a Drumtac on the underside of the cymbal near the bell, and the overall sound will become darker and more mellow. This makes it possible to play the cymbal at lower volume while keeping much of the tone. Move it all the way to the edge, and the whole sound of the cymbal will be dampened. This effect can help reduce your exposure to harmful frequencies during practice.

When applied correctly, Drumtacs are remarkably durable. They're designed to never flap, buzz, fly off or harm any percussive surface, including bottom heads, vertical heads, underneath cymbals, inside bells and blocks. This holds true even under heavy pounding and extreme temperatures.

Drumtacs should be applied to a clean, dry surface. They can be easily cleaned with dish soap and warm water, keeping their tacky qualities once dried. They can be cut to custom sizes with household scissors.

Each five-pack includes two large Drumtacs (1.24"), two medium Drumtacs (0.98") and one small Drumtac (0.77").

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  • 5-pack of tacky sound control pads for drums and cymbals
  • Two large, two medium and one small piece
  • Removes harsh overtones when placed on edge of drum head or under cymbal bell
  • Dampens overall sound when placed at edge of cymbal
  • Sticks firmly in extreme weather but leaves no residue
  • Easily washable with warm water and dish soap
  • Can be cut to custom sizes with scissors

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