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This is the downloadable version of Studio Devil Virtual Bass Amp, a tube modeling amp plug-in designed to be used for direct recording of bass guitar by bringing life-like tube amp tone from a simple, intuitive interface. Following the success of their award-winning guitar amp modeling plug-ins (Virtual Guitar Amp and British Valve Custom), Studio Devil now brings this amazing new tube amp modeling technology to bassists and recording professionals on all Mac and Windows recording platforms.

Getting professional bass guitar tracks on computer audio workstations has never been simpler. Virtual Bass Amp is easily configured to model its wide range of bass tones through the setting of virtual knobs and switches just like on a real bass amp. The tones modeled by Virtual Bass Amp were selected to cover the broadest range of playing styles, so there's something in there for everyone. Combined with its power amp, limiter, speaker cabinet, and graphic equalizer models, Studio Devil VBA provides virtually limitless tonal possibilities.

All you need to do is to plug your bass guitar into your sound interface, put Studio Devil VBA on your track, and turn a few virtual knobs to get the natural compression, punch, and sparkle you expect from real tube amps quickly and effortlessly. Because Virtual Bass Amp is available for all platforms, you can get your bottom end pumping whether you're on ProTools, Garage Band, Logic, or SONAR.
  • Classic 12AX7A vacuum tube bass preamplifier emulation with GAIN control
  • BOOST switch that "hot rods" the bass amp for natural overdrive and distortion
  • BASS, MIDS, and TREBLE tone controls based on classic bass amp designs
  • Parametric MIDS control with FREQ knob for customized amplifier tone
  • Push-pull tube power amplifier model with DRIVE control
  • Continuously variable SOFT / HARD clipping limiter control
  • DEEP and BRIGHT switches to boost the ultra low end and brighten presence
  • Built-in "4x10" and "1x15" Cabinet Simulation FIR Filters
  • "Direct Box" (D.I.) Mode for compatibility with your favorite cabinet impulse modeling plug-ins
  • 7-Band Graphic EQ tuned specifically for bass guitar with Level and Enable controls
  • 4X Up-Sampling engine with 64-bit internal floating-point precision
  • 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, and 196kHz sampling rate support
  • Compatible with VST, Audio Units, and RTAS audio hosts for Windows and Mac OS X
Requires VST, Audio Units, and RTAS audio hosts and works in Windows and Mac OS X

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