The Strymon Flint gives you the pulsating, soothingly hypnotic effects pioneered in vintage amplifier tremolo circuits, along with three classic and completely unique reverb algorithms. On the tremolo side of the pedal, you can choose between the sonically complex '61 harmonic tremolo, the swampy and sultry '63 power tube tremolo and the sharp and balanced '65 photocell tremolo. On the reverb side you can select the classic '60s spring tank reverb, the inventive '70s electronic plate reverb or the nostalgic '80s hall rack reverb. With nine parameters to tweak, you have extensive control over the tremolo and reverb characteristics. Go from splashy, pulsing twang, to throbbing, swampy blues, all the way to ambient, trembling and serene reverberated pads. Couple that with true bypass, and a premium quality analog front end and output section, and you have the history of tremolo and reverb in a pedalboard friendly format.

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