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Strymon BigSky MX | Dealer and Channel Overviewplay button

Strymon BigSky MX | Dealer and Channel Overview

Strymon BigSky MX | Video Quick Start Guideplay button

Strymon BigSky MX | Video Quick Start Guide

BSMX Preview: Overviewplay button

BSMX Preview: Overview

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BSMX Preview: Real Spaces

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Strymon's BigSky MX is a reverb workstation like no other, harnessing staggering processing power to deliver lush, hyper-realistic reverb algorithms that will transport you to new sonic dimensions. Designed for guitarists, synth players, producers and engineers seeking the most advanced ambience effects, the MX's arsenal of 12 premium reverb types includes seven brand-new algorithms, alongside enhanced versions of classic favorites. You can even run two reverbs simultaneously with series, parallel or split routing.

Strymon BigSky MX Reverb Workstation Effects Pedal Outboard Gear Emulations

Explore a Universe of Reverb

From the massive, thundering Arena Hall to the vintage warmth of the analog Plate reverb, the BigSky MX offers a reverb flavor to suit every style and genre of music. Shimmer, Bloom and Chorale create shimmering, swelling ambience pads with vocal-like textures. The innovative Magneto algorithm combines reverb with multi-tap delay for rhythmic, resonant effects. You can also load custom impulse responses captured from real spaces or vintage gear. With so many sounds to discover, the MX will inspire you to craft new sonic textures for years to come.

Strymon BigSky MX Reverb Workstation Effects Pedal Controls

Advanced Reverb Routing for Layered Complexity

The BigSky MX allows you to run two of its reverb algorithms simultaneously, opening new realms of creative potential. Series routing places one reverb after the other for dense, cascading washes of ambience. Parallel routing keeps the reverbs separate for blending unique textures together. Or, split the routing to run one reverb on your wet signal and another on your dry signal. BigSky MX allows you to pan each reverb independently, for precise spatial placement in the stereo field.

Strymon BigSky MX Reverb Workstation Effects Pedal Infinite Footswitch

State-of-the-Art Precision With Impulse Response

Go beyond algorithmic reverbs—load your own impulse responses into the BigSky MX. The pedal comes preloaded with 22 unique IR captures, including Strymon's own meticulously curated samples of legendary analog studio gear. You can reverse, stretch, chop and loop these IRs using the MX's powerful editing tools. Or, load custom IRs to recreate the acoustics of live rooms, concert halls or any other space you can capture.

Strymon BigSky MX Reverb Workstation Effects Pedal Infinite Footswitch

Freeze Time With the Infinite Footswitch

The BigSky MX's dedicated Infinite footswitch lets you freeze and sustain any reverb trail, transforming it into an infinite, shimmering pad to play over. You can latch the Freeze effect for continuous ambience beds, or use it momentarily to add swells of atmosphere. Combined with the MX's advanced routing capabilities, the Infinite footswitch opens creative possibilities that blur the boundaries between reverb and ambient soundscape.

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • 12 reverb machines with 7 new reverbs and upgraded classics
  • Tri-core 800 MHz ARM processor for dual reverb engines
  • 22 stereo impulse responses with editing
  • Stereo I/O, MIDI I/O, USB-C, OLED screen, footswitches

collapse expand iconSpecs

  • Processor: Tri-core 800 MHz ARM processor
Reverb Features
  • Reverb machines: 12 world-class types
  • Reverb algorithms: Seven all-new, plus major upgrades to existing machines
  • Audio routing: Use two reverbs at once with Serial, Parallel, or Split options
  • Impulse response engine: Capable of ten second IR playback and full IR editing
  • Preloaded IRs: 22 impulse responses, including custom long captures of classic analog gear
  • Display: Large OLED
Control Features
  • Footswitch: Dedicated Infinite/Freeze, multiple modes
  • MIDI: DIN and TRS I/O, full MIDI integration
  • Audio I/O: Stereo, with discrete Class A JFET preamps
  • USB-C: For MIDI, patch management, and IR loading
  • Analog dry path: For zero latency dry signal
Power Requirements
  • Power supply: Requires 2.1mm center-negative 9V DC, 500ma (not included)

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