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The Sterling Harmony H224 Recording Suite provides all the hardware and software needed to record and mix your audio projects from start to finish on your computer. This suite includes the Sterling Harmony H224 audio interface, designed with professional, studio-grade circuitry, and flexible monitoring; the Sterling SP150 condenser microphone that captures all the sonic details you’re looking for with a natural high-end and solid lows; and the Sterling S400 Studio Headphones designed for the discriminating professional, delivering uncompromising sound for recording, tracking or mixing. 

The H224 Recording Suite also includes an impressive collection of software, including Tracktion/Waveform OEM—a multi-award-winning workstation, featuring powerful and creative tools to inspire the modern musician (you get unlimited track count, powerful features, compatible with all popular plug-ins and efficient performance on Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems); Slate Digital—with over 60 award-winning plug-ins & virtual instruments (All-Access Pass 30-day trial); and Two Notes Audio/Torpedo Wall of Sound—a guitar amp and speaker, plus a miking simulation plug-in that includes four custom cabinets.

The Sterling Harmony H224 Recording Suite comes complete with a Proline MS112 low-profile boom desktop to safely and securely maintain the position you set for your microphone so you can capture the perfect sound. This low-profile boom stand is perfect for miking kick drums, amplifiers, etc. It features die-cast metal clutches and a heavy-duty die-cast base. It gives you a 1" to 9" telescoping boom and has a 12" to 17" adjustable height. It also comes with a 15' Livewire Essential XLR microphone cable with nickel-plated Rean connecters, 24-gauge dual conductor design, spiral copper shielding (95% coverage), with strain relief and heavy PVC jacket.

Sterling Audio Harmony H224 Recording Suite
Sterling Audio Harmony H224 Recording Suite
Sterling Audio Harmony H224 Recording Suite

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Harmony H224 Audio Interface
  • 2 Simultaneous Input and 4 simultaneous Output capability 
  • Discrete Class-A preamps with 192kHz studio quality converters 
  • Ergonomic micro console design with metal enclosure 
  • Dedicated in-line PAD and High Pass filters 
  • Dedicated Instrument inputs optimized for recording guitar, bass or synths 
  • USB bus powered (no external power supply required) 
  • MIDI I/O equipped 
Sterling S400 Headphones
  • 40 mm drivers with superior sound reproduction 
  • Foldable design for storage and storage 
  • 90° rotatable ear cups for monitoring and comfort 
  • Circumaural design fits over the ear for best isolation 
  • Detachable headphone cable
Sterling SP150 Studio Condenser Microphone 
  • Class-A FET design provides smooth, full-frequency response 
  • Cardioid pickup pattern rejects back and side sounds 
  • 136dB Max SPL handling is ideal for high-volume sources

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