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With significant features for stem mastering, multitrack editing, audio analysis and podcast production, WaveLab 11 from Steinberg is essential software for everyone working ‘hands on’ in the audio industry. ‘Multi’ is a concept that runs throughout WaveLab 11 with faster, more flexible multi-channel file handling, multiple sub-lanes within tracks, multiple ways of visually analyzing audio, multi-core processing, the ability to group multiple tracks and more, all designed to make the audio workflow more powerful and deliver even better results. Also adding plug-in parameter automation, intuitive podcast tools and VST effects, WaveLab 11 further enhances its industry-leading status as the true art of mastering.

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Updates for Ver 11:
  • Sending mono file audio streams to a dedicated speaker
  • Auto Split Tool Enhancement
  • Custom names for audio ports
  • Including notes in audio montage templates
  • Batch processor enhancements
  • Stopping recording when record position reaches next marker
  • Track peak meter shows left and right stereo channel
  • Level/fade envelope or pan envelope before or after clip effects
  • Omit clips on reference tracks from select commands
  • Playing back multi-channel files on stereo speakers
  • Copying clips and ranges with visual feedback
  • Create Audio Montage from Result

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