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The Stedman Proscreen XL pop filter is an advanced pop filter designed to capture vocals with unparalleled clarity and detail. Made from an exclusive patented material, the Proscreen eliminates plosives far more effectively than standard nylon or metal mesh filters. Its oversized 6" screen allows high frequencies to pass through unobstructed, preserving the natural quality of any vocal performance. Thanks to its durable yet pliable construction, the Proscreen can withstand even the most dynamic close-mic techniques without pops reaching the microphone. When your session calls for the utmost sonic precision, the Stedman Proscreen delivers.

Advanced Patented Material Deflects Plosives

The Proscreen's innovative screen material features angled slats that divert bursts of air downward, away from the microphone. This design blocks plosives while allowing the full frequency range of vocals to be captured. The result is a transparent, balanced tone with no coloration from the pop filter itself. Even in extreme close-mic scenarios, the Proscreen contains plosives effectively, enabling higher gain levels without clipping. For digital recording, this ability to maximize signal levels is crucial to capturing all the nuance and detail of a performance.

Oversized 6" Screen Optimizes High-Frequency Passage

With a screen diameter of 6", the Proscreen offers nearly 50% more surface area than a standard pop filter. This expanded size improves high-frequency transmission, as the spacing between screen slats is widened. The additional real estate also provides a larger margin of error for mic positioning, allowing more flexible placement while still blocking plosives. For the most natural, transparent pop filtering, the Proscreen's capacious screen is ideal.

Flexible 13" Gooseneck and Adjustable Clamp for Easy Positioning

The Proscreen XL includes a 13" gooseneck to allow precise adjustment and placement in front of any microphone. Its nylon-tipped clamp secures the pop filter firmly in place without marring mic stands, and the gooseneck retains its position even during dynamic performances. This flexibility and stability provide an optimal combination for different vocal techniques and mic choices.

Easily Washable for Hygienic Longevity

As a final benefit, the Proscreen XL can be cleaned simply by wiping its screen down with mild detergent and water. This washability allows for proper hygiene between recording sessions and extends the overall lifespan of the pop filter. For professional-caliber vocal recordings in any studio, the Stedman Proscreen XL delivers unmatched performance, convenience and value.

Stedman Proscreen XL Pop Filter
Stedman Proscreen XL Pop Filter
Stedman Proscreen XL Pop Filter

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  • Screen diameter: 6"
  • Length: 26.5"
  • Weight: 10 oz.
  • Clamp range: .925"

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