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Stands for Orchestral Strings

No musician is expected to carry their instrument 100% of the time, and when you want to set it down for a while, the best place to put it is on a stand. That might mean a stand to have with you on the stage, one for the music room at home, or even a display stand to hang your prized instrument on the wall for visitors to admire. Whatever the case, you'll find what you need among these stands for orchestral strings. They cover everything from violin to bass, so no matter which orchestral stringed instrument you play or how large or small it happens to be, there are stands here ready to handle it. All you need to do is browse until you find it. The most common type of stand for orchestral strings is the basic floor stand, and you'll see lots of those in the lineup. If you're not sure where to begin, try starting with top sellers like the Ingles Cello and Bass Stand with Bow Holder, Titan Folding Violin or Viola stand, or the K&M 14160 Electric Double Bass Stand. With their ability to fold up for transport, these collapsible stands are ready to go whenever you need to pack up for a show on the road... and they're totally comfortable taking up semi-permanent residence in your living room, too. Some of the stands you'll come across are more specialized, and make the perfect options if you're interested in the mounting styles they offer. For instance, the String Swing Violin Hanger with Bow Holder is a permanent wall-mount solution for your home or music hall. And there's also a pair of alternate versions - the String Swing Mic Stand Violin Hanger and String Swing Music Stand Violin Hanger - which attach to stage stands so you can make a single stand perform double duty instead of bringing multiple stands onstage. Some stands, like the NS Design End Pin Stand for Bass, are even designed for a specific instrument and make effective choices if that's what you play. As you start browsing these stands for orchestral strings, ask yourself two questions: what instrument do you want to support, and where do you want it to go? The answers to those two questions will tell you how to narrow down your search, and even if they seem out of the scope of stands at first glance, you might be surprised. For example, if the answers are "two dozen violins in their cases backstage," there's the A&S Crafted Products Violin and Viola and Trumpet Rack. So don't be afraid to get adventurous - with so many stands to choose from, the right one is probably waiting for you.