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Cello Stands

When you pick up and play your cello, your instrument is the vehicle for your talent. For this reason, it needs to be treated with respect and handled with care - even you're not practicing or performing with it. That's where the cello stand comes in. These handy stands not only display your cello so that it can be admired from afar, but they also give you easy access to it during stage shows. There are quite a few cello stands here to choose from, so your search for the perfect stand shouldn't take long at all. If portability is high on your list of priorities, check out the SC-20 Portable Cello Stand from Peak Music Stands. It's designed to accommodate all cello sizes and cradles your entire instrument with its folding arms and sturdy neck support. Weighing in at a mere two and a half pounds, this stand can be easily collapsed and tucked into your cello case - making it a fantastic choice for cellists who travel frequently. On the other hand, if you're a cellist who mainly plays at home, the Ingles Cello and Bass Stand with Bow Holder may be your best option. A top-seller in the cello stand category, the SA-22 is a solid, locking stand that gives cellists peace of mind that their instrument is safe in between practice sessions. The String Centre Deluxe Cello Cradle is also another terrific stand geared toward home-based musicians. As beautiful as it is useful, this cradle-style stand is crafted from solid wood and uses a padded velvet interior to protect your cello. When you get right down to it, a cello stand keeps your instrument in excellent playing condition and offers a convenient storage spot for when it's not being used. Whether you're a concert cellist or a beginner who is just starting your musical journey, cellists of all skill levels and styles should own a durable instrument stand.