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The Stagg Commandor 10-1 is a DMX lighting controller with 14 channels per fixture. It is compatible with DMX512 protocol. The Stagg Commandor 10-1 DMX controller accommodates up to 16 fixtures, and each is individually controllable. It features 20 scenes and 20 chases. Each chase boasts 200 steps, and each chase can be run individually or simultaneously.

Special features of the Stagg Commandor 10-1 DMX lighting controller include DMX strobe and a fader to adjust sound sensitivity. Output options on the Commandor 10-1 consist of 3-pin XLR and USB. The USB connection is designed for data backup and software upgrades.

Get the most out of your LED lighting setup with the Stagg Commandor 10-1 DMX controller. Take your visual presentation to the next level. This controller lets your LED wash lights and effects lights perform and maximum efficiency. Whether you simply need all of your lights to remain steadily illuminated for uplighting at an elegant event, or to create a dynamic visual display to augment music on the dance floor, the Stagg Commandor has you covered.
Stagg Commandor 10-1 DMX Lighting Controller

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  • Compatible with DMX512/RDM protocol
  • 14 channels per fixture
  • Controls up to 16 fixtures
  • Fader, tap sync, sound and auto modes