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Squier Fretless Electric Bass

find in store iconAvailable at:Plymouth Meeting, PA

Condition: Great

find in store iconAvailable at:Chattanooga, TN

Condition: Great

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Although Squier fretless electric basses share the same iconic design as the models in their parent company Fender, they still boast some very unique qualities in terms of style and sound. Whether you're a beginning musician, a touring pro or an everyday bassist in the market for something new, a Squier fretless electric bass will open you up to a whole new world of bass-playing possibilities. Sound interesting? Look no further than this section to begin your exciting journey with a Squier fretless electric bass. Speaking of starting a journey, the Vintage Modified Fretless Precision Bass is Squier's first-ever Precision bass model. It delivers the powerful sonic punch of a Fender-designed split single-coil Precision Bass pickup at a price that's within the means of pretty much every musician. An ideal instrument for the burgeoning bassist, the Vintage Fretless Precision is outfitted with white inlaid fret lines so you can easily find your way around the fretboard when figuring out your first scales. Now, if you love to play hard and finger fast, check out the Vintage Modified Fretless Jazz Bass. Fusing the slippery feel and sound of an upright bass with the portability and projection of an electric, this Fender-designed 4-string is a favorite among jazz, funk and metal musicians. Because it lacks metal frets, the Modified Fretless Jazz offers a smoother transition in between notes, giving you the chance to really dig in and let loose on its sleek ebonol fingerboard. When you're ready to turn your musical dreams into realities, you're ready for a Squier fretless electric bass. From beginners and hobbyists to discerning professionals, Squier is a brand that caters to all musicians thanks to their top-quality instruments and budget-friendly prices. So, without further ado, welcome to the Squier family - a group you'll be proud to be part of for life.