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The Sound Percussion Labs Velocity single bass drum pedal puts pro-level performance within your reach. Its dual-chain drive delivers the power and precision needed for any style of playing, from subtle ghost notes to blistering double bass rolls. Fully adjustable cam, footboard angle and spring tension allow you to customize the feel to match your technique and preferences. The Velocity's dual-beater design features felt on one side and hard plastic on the other, providing tonal versatility to suit different musical contexts. Constructed from rugged, road-worthy materials, this pedal is built to handle the demands of regular use and stand up to the rigors of transport between gigs. For drummers seeking an affordable upgrade that doesn't sacrifice quality or adjustability, the Velocity single bass drum pedal is an ideal choice.

Dual-Chain Drive Provides Smooth Power and Control

The Velocity's dual-chain drive transfers energy from your foot to the beater with a level of power and nuance that belies its budget-friendly price. The dual chains minimize slack and lost motion, allowing precise control over the beater stroke. From subtle tapping to rapid-fire kicks, this pedal responds instantly and accurately to your commands.

Customize the Feel With Fully Adjustable Components

Finding the perfect feel is easy with the Velocity's adjustable cam, footboard angle and spring tension. The offset cam can be positioned to provide either a smooth, rounded stroke or a quick, sharp attack. Adjust the footboard angle to a comfortable incline and set the side-mounted spring to your preferred beater return force. Once dialed in, these adjustments lock securely in place to provide a consistent feel for every performance.

Dual-Beater Design Delivers Tonal Flexibility

The Velocity comes equipped with a beater featuring felt on one side and hard plastic on the other. The felt produces a warm, resonant thump, ideal for most musical contexts, while the hard plastic yields an aggressive attack suitable for some rock and metal styles. Switching between beaters is quick and easy, allowing you to adapt your bass drum tone to different songs or sets.

Road-Ready Construction Built to Last

From the durable steel base plate to the rugged ABS beaters, every component in the Velocity single bass drum pedal is engineered for real-world gigging. The toe clamp grips firmly to prevent unwanted movement and the pedal requires minimal maintenance. For drummers on a budget seeking an affordable, hard-working pedal, the Velocity delivers professional quality and performance at an entry-level price.

Sound Percussion Labs Velocity Single Bass Drum Pedal
Sound Percussion Labs Velocity Single Bass Drum Pedal
Sound Percussion Labs Velocity Single Bass Drum Pedal

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  • Dual-chain design
  • Fully adjustable cam
  • Side-spring adjustable tension
  • Heavy-duty toe clamp
  • Dual-beater design, felt & hard plastic

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Chromium (hexavalent compounds), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to