Sonnox ListenHub for macOS is an audio control application that places essential referencing and monitoring solutions at your fingertips. Listening to the same track repeatedly can easily make us lose all objectivity; becoming fixated on some details and missing others altogether. The bigger picture, the mix and the music are often compromised. ListenHub for macOS provides the perceptual resets and consistency required to hear with fresh ears again. Designed to simplify previously complex workflows and empower users to make better mixing decisions, ListenHub is intended to appeal to to a wide audience including producers who are looking for an effective insight into improving their mixes. ListenHub allows instant access to references from any streaming source or from a users own media player/DAW for added convenience. Listen to just the mid or sides, low-mids or highs of a mix and discover whether its dynamic range is competitive or too crushed. ListenHub takes the immediacy, flexibility and tactile nature of a hardware monitor controller and combines it with the complete transparency of software routing. It can be used as a zero-latency plug-in or a system-wide app hosting AU plug-ins on each output. Users can access ListenHub directly from their Macs or the free iOS and Android apps for tablets and smartphones.
  • Operating System: mac 10.9 and above
  • Supported Plug-ins: VST-3, AU, AAX
  • Additional Requirements
    • macOS audio device, plugin and desktop app
    • macOS 10.9 and above
    • Runs on M1 hardware via Rosetta 2
    • Plug-in available as VST3, AAX and AU
    • iLok Licence Manager v5.4.0 or above Mobile app
    • iOS 9.3 and above
    • iPad OS 13 and above
    • Android 9 (Pie)

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