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SSL X-Limit is an easy-to-use visual limiter for increasing the loudness of your tracks and buses without the fear of clipping. Featuring multiple set characteristics ranging from extremely transparent to color and glue, X-Limit also includes a standard-compliant True Peak algorithm for precision processing and useful feedback about the limiter’s impact on the stereo image of your signal. The all-in-one left-to-right waveform visualization lets you set the limiter threshold and ceiling against the incoming signal, then dial in the gain to increase loudness while catching peaks.

X-Limit includes 4 preset styles—Transparent, Glue, Punch and Auto—that adjust the ballistics under-the-hood to achieve different characteristic responses for any given situation. Use Punch mode to smash a drum bus, Transparent mode to catch peaks on vocals and acoustic guitars or Glue mode on a sub-group for a unified sound. Auto mode provides set-and-forget options that adjust the time constants depending on the transient content of your signal. Unique Steering and Ducking meters indicate how the limiting process might influence the stereo image of your signal and provide feedback to minimize stereo degradation using the Channel Link control. In addition, X-Limit provides several workflow enhancements such as Gain Lock, I/O difference auditioning, Gain Match and a Mix control to dial the original signal back in, which is especially useful when using X-Limit to add punch and character rather than catch and control peaks.
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  • Pick from four carefully designed limiter characteristics: Transparent, Glue, Punch and Auto
  • True Peak mode engages SSL’s True Peak algorithm to ensure that inter-sample peaks are effectively limited using intelligent oversampling
  • All-in-one visualizer and threshold/ceiling sliders let you easily set parameters against the incoming signal level
  • Set the Ceiling in True Peak mode to prevent your signal from exceeding a maximum level
  • Auto style automatically adjusts the ballistics on the limiter based on the transient content of the signal
  • Auto Release overrides the release time, automatically shortening for transient peaks and prolonging it for sustained sounds
  • Accurate momentary and max True Peak value readouts
  • Use on the master bus to transparently add loudness to your mix
  • Channel Link blends between stereo or independent left/right limiting
  • Minimize stereo degradation using the Steering and Ducking meters

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