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SSL X-Gate is a comprehensive mixing tool inspired by classic analogue gate hardware and workflow from SSL's Live and Broadcast consoles. Featuring a rolling waveform graph, mid/side processing options and tweakable hysteresis using independent open and closed thresholds, X-Gate builds upon renowned hardware gates, all delivered through SSL’s advanced workflow interface. X-Gate delivers a range of unique control features for extended sound sculpting. The intuitive sidechain filter interface and mid/side balance options can be used to focus the gate on unwanted sounds and leave the processed signal as natural or affected as you’d like. In addition to visual feedback, the rolling waveform visualization graph provides an intuitive display of the incoming signal against which to set your open and close thresholds. Ideal not only for sound design in the mixing stage, X-Gate introduces variable lookahead times and zero additional plug-in latency at the lowest setting, making it the perfect tool for tracking situations where mic bleed can distract from the primary source material. EXP and DUCK modes immediately drop the plug-in into two additional modes, visualized by the I/O graph: fixed expander mode for transparent gating and duck mode for attenuating a signal only when it exceeds a threshold.
Solid State Logic SSL X-Gate

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  • Easy-to-use Threshold and Range controls, visually aligned with Waveform Graph and Gain Reduction Meter for coordinated control
  • Rolling Waveform Visualization Graph for setting the perfect threshold
  • Hysteresis - split Open and Close Threshold behavior
  • Attack, Release and Hold time parameters gives detailed control over the shaping of the audio
  • Tune the performance of the gate using the interactive Filter Graph to apply High- and Low-Pass Filters the sidechain signal
  • Use the Expander mode and accompanying Knee control for a more transparent option: make quiet signals quieter, and expand the dynamic range of the signal
  • Simple discrete Lookahead options for minimizing the latency when using a lookahead
  • Tailor the gate to best suit your source material using Peak/RMS Detection options
  • Tri-color Traffic Light cues give a clear indication on the momentary open/closed/hold state of the gate
  • Use the Mid/Side processing options to trigger the gate in creative ways or gate only the mono or stereo components on the signal
  • Sidechain and Gate audition modes

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