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The Solid State Logic SSL SubGen is a high-quality sub-bass harmonic synthesizer that can support up to four independently configurable bands, generating frequencies an octave lower than the source signal. This makes the SSL SubGen from Solid State Logic perfect for adding power and thump to snares, kicks and bass. Whether you’re looking to rebuild bass frequencies in thin-sounding or poorly recorded kick and bass guitar tracks, or generate LFE content for a film mix or sound design project, SubGen provides an intuitive interface to quickly generate rumble and sub-bass.

Aside from sounding super musical — with a sub-bass generation algorithm that blends naturally with your source instrument — the SSL SubGen provides an easy-to-use interactive interface for controlling the gain, width and frequency for each band, as well as workflow enhancements such as per-band soloing options, mix lock, and built-in contextual help.

Use the three tailored saturation modes (“pre”, “kick” and “bass”) alongside the gain-compensated drive control to easily dial in harmonic character for different sources. Pre is a ’50s valve-style overdrive with smooth and subtle overtones, emulating a valve pre-amp. It's ideal for sources other than bass and kick. Kick is a ’60/’70s transistor-style drive with lighter harmonics and subtle overtones for adding distortion to kicks. Bass is a '70s transistor-style drive and grit with strong harmonics, mild overtones, and med-high wet/dry blend with aggressive overtones for adding bite to bass

Control your sub-bass dynamics using the compressor module. The intuitive all-in-one mix allows you to blend any combination of your wet and dry signals from a single parameter, as well as dial in parallel compression and punch. The built-in compressor with make-up gain and GR meter adds “glue” and controls the generated sub-bass. You can also quickly A/B the effect of drive and compression using each section’s bypass controls, and lock in your desired mix setting when switching between presets. There's also a built-in help feature — simply click the “?” and mouse over the GUI to find out more.

Need to tame your sub-bass? Dial in the gentle low- and high-pass filters to control the generated bass or cut unwanted high frequencies and tidy up your mix.
Solid State Logic SSL SubGen
Solid State Logic SSL SubGen

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  • High-quality sub-bass generator
  • Sub-bass harmonic synthesizer with up to 4 configurable bands
  • Global filter control with gentle low-pass and high-pass filters
  • Interactive graph for configuring band gain, center frequency and width
  • Per-band soloing options for auditioning the generated sub-bass
  • Dial in harmonics with a single, gain-compensated drive control

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