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The Solid State Logic SSL Blitzer plug-in is a multi-character compressor inspired by classic hardware such as the 1176 and LA-2A. It’s capable of everything from soft, saturating compression to explosive brick-wall limiting.

In addition to adjustable transient shaping and vintage-style harmonic drive for adding color to your tracks, the Blitzer offers 10 unique compression curves across 10 ratios, each with a unique shape and tone. With the distinct response of a vintage tube, VCA and optical compressors all from a single easy-to-use interface, you’re never more than a click away from what you need.

Slam room mics or energize your entire mix using the “all in” BLITZ! mode. Dial in the DRIVE to gently warm or decimate your signal and use MIX for parallel compression and punch. With Blitzer’s detection sidechain HPF you can remove unwanted low-end frequencies from triggering the compressor — perfect for drum busses — and tame unruly vocals and harshness using the bell filter.

With other helpful features — such as AUTO GAIN to maintain your levels, cross-platform preset management with A/B and undo/redo stack, and SSL’s contextual help system so you never have to reach for the manual again — Blitzer is a versatile compressor plug-in with startling variation. 

Other features include full support for native Apple silicon M1/ARM with Universal 2 binary, and built-in help — simply click the "?" and mouseover the GUI to find out more.
Solid State Logic SSL Blitzer

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  • Classic analogue knee compressor inspired by hardware such as the 1176 and LA-2A
  • Versatile character compressor delivers everything from soft saturating compression to explosive brick-wall limiting
  • 10 unique compression curves, each with a unique shape and tone
  • Add color to your instruments using the DRIVE control; add gentle warmth or decimate your signal
  • 1:1 ratio to warm your tracks with soft-saturation and gentle harmonics without compressing

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