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The Module8 rack plug-in offers an essential collection of six LFO-driven modulation effects and two dedicated FX modules for adding depth and dimension to your mixes. Designed by SSL to provide sound designers and engineers with a comprehensive yet intuitive toolset, Module8 lets you craft vibrant textures, rich layers of harmonic complexity and sweeping moments of movement with professional-grade quality and precision.

Six Flexible Modulation Effects

With six LFO-driven modulation effects including phaser, flanger, chorus, tremolo, vibrato and pan, you have nuanced control over rate, depth and shape for intricate sound manipulation. Sync each effect to your DAW's tempo or manually set the LFO for precise control, opening up possibilities for automated dynamic effect changes.

Vintage Character and Spatial Expansion

The Lo-Fi and Space modules introduce vintage warmth and spatial depth, enhancing your mixes with retro tones and expansive reverbs. Blend the Lo-Fi effect with any of the modulation effects for a classic character or expand the stereo field with the Space module for dramatic width and dimension.

Flexible Signal Chain and Global Controls

Reorder the modules with drag-and-drop for customized signal chains and effect combinations. Quickly adjust the overall depth and wet/dry mix with global controls for streamlined adjustments across all modules. Achieve either subtle enhancements or bold transformations with this intuitive and high-quality plug-in.

Professional Sound and Preset Library

Module8 combines SSL's signature sound with modern features, delivering professional results for any production. It comes packed with a wide range of presets to kickstart your creativity, whether you want to add shimmering dimension to vocals, enrich the texture of instruments or craft unique soundscapes. Module8 makes endlessly creative modulation effects accessible to producers at any level.

Solid State Logic Module8

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  • LFO-Driven Modulation Effects Six modulation effects (Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Tremolo, Vibrato, Pan) with comprehensive control over rate, depth, and shape for intricate sound manipulation.
  • Lo-Fi and Space Modules Introduce vintage character and spatial depth with dedicated Lo-Fi and Space modules, enhancing mixes with retro vibes and expansive reverbs.
  • Drag-and-Drop Module Reordering Customize the signal chain with flexible drag-and-drop reordering, allowing for creative effect combinations and signal flow experimentation.
  • Global Control Parameters Adjust overall depth and mix with global controls, streamlining workflow and effect application across all modules for cohesive sound design.
  • High-Quality Sound and User-Friendly Interface Designed for both subtle enhancements and dramatic transformations, offering high-quality sound with an intuitive interface for ease of use.
  • Preset Management Comes packed with a wide range of presets to kickstart your creativity and help you achieve desired sounds faster.
  • Sync and Manual LFO Options Each module can sync to the DAW's tempo or set manually for precise control, with automation possibilities for dynamic effect changes.
  • Advanced LFO Control Shape the LFO with advanced options including phase offset and inversion, enabling nuanced modulation effects tailored to your project's needs.

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