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Solid State Logic’s CONNEX is a high-quality, portable USB microphone for conferencing, content creation and music recording. Featuring an advanced quad microphone array with four specially defined user modes, CONNEX enhances sound quality whether you’re in an office conference call, on your own in a coffee shop, or recording vocals and instruments wherever inspiration strikes.

CONNEX is a technology powerhouse, in a sleek portable formfactor. It’s high-quality, precision quad microphone array is powered by sophisticated studio quality sound processing. Four tailored user modes are available to make sure you sound the best in any scenario. For people pushing the boundaries of creation, advanced immersive mode is also available.

White: Solo Mode

Optimized for a single sound source from the front of the unit, e.g., conference/WHF calls or livestreaming with a single presenter. CONNEX is optimized for speech coming from the front while reducing unwanted sound from back and side faces. Struggling to make clear calls in a busy office, café or airport lounge, White: Solo mode is the answer.

Green: Group Mode

Designed for multiple sound sources e.g., round table conference call or live streaming with multiple presenters, CONNEX’s quad microphone array and automatic smart mixer means all presenters are clearly heard and unwanted background noise isn’t. Magenta: Vocal Mode

Vocal mode is for when inspiration hits and you just have to record that vocal performance. Designed for picking up a single sound source from the front of the unit, but with higher volume levels (eg: singing) than when in ‘White: Solo mode’, vocal mode will reject sound from the sides and rear of CONNEX making your vocal performance absolutely sing.

Blue: Music Mode

Designed for a group of musicians positioned around CONNEX, Blue: Music mode allows creativity as a group be captured in all its collaborative glory. CONNEX intelligently alters the sensitivity of the microphone array to reduce the noise floor and unwanted background sound in the recording or live stream. Combine this with CONNEX’s sophisticated studio quality processing and you’re on the way to a great sounding track.


All four modes feature an advanced immersive recording setting. This allows you to access each of the four individual mic sources for the purpose of immersive and spatial recordings or broadcasts.

Solid State Logic Connex USB Microphone
Solid State Logic Connex USB Microphone
Solid State Logic Connex USB Microphone

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  • Advanced USB microphone with high-quality quad-microphone array for conferencing, content creation and recording
  • Optimized studio quality processing using SSL EQ and dynamics algorithms taken from professional studio and broadcast products
  • Automatic smart mixer to make sure everyone’s heard
  • High-power 3.5 mm headphone output for crystal clear audio
  • Microphone Loopback option for ambient monitoring
  • Touch-sensitive controls to adjust headphone level and mute the mic
  • Cough Switch and Push To Talk features for temporarily muting/unmuting the mic
  • Backlit RGB illuminated Solid State Logic logo indicates mic mute state and user mode
  • 1⁄4" camera tripod thread in base with included mic stand thread adapter for flexible mounting options
  • 2 m USB Type C to C cable and USB Type-C (female) to Type-A (male) adapter included
  • USB powered
  • Compatible with Windows and macOS
  • Works with laptop or tablet
  • Four preset user modes
  • Solo (directional, e.g., individual use for conference calls, podcasting, streaming)
  • Group (e.g., round table discussions)
  • Vocal (e.g., recording singing, narration, rapping)
  • Music (e.g., recording loud sources)

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Included in the Box
  • SSL Connex unit
  • 1⁄4" to mic stand thread adapter (1/4" to 5/8")
  • 2 m USB Type-C to Type-C cable
  • USB Type-C female to Type-A male adapter
  • Quick start and safety guide

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