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Solid State Logic BiG SiX Pro Desktop Summing Mixer | Stem Mixing, EQ & Compression with BlankFor.msplay button

Solid State Logic BiG SiX Pro Desktop Summing Mixer | Stem Mixing, EQ & Compression with

Solid State Logic

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The SSL BiG SiX desktop mixer brings the iconic sound and features of Solid State Logic's large-format consoles to a scaled-down footprint. Built around SSL's renowned SuperAnalogue design and G-Comp bus compressor, the BiG SiX delivers the punch, clarity and ultralow distortion engineers have come to expect from the 9000 series desks. With 16 channels of high-quality USB connectivity and AD/DA conversion, the BiG SiX bridges the gap between analog and digital, providing a hybrid workflow suited to today's studios.

SuperAnalogue Components and G-Comp Bus Compressor

The BiG SiX's SuperAnalogue preamps, EQs and summing amplifiers provide the open, rich and full sound that has defined the SSL sound for over 40 years. The G-Comp bus compressor, with its renowned auto release control, glues mixes together and provides cohesion. Together, these elements convey the depth, punch and width that are the hallmarks of an SSL production.

Flexible Routing and Summing for Up to 18 Channels

With 16 channels of USB connectivity and two external stereo inputs, the BiG SiX can sum up to 18 channels of audio. Each input offers pre- and post-fade USB sends, providing flexibility in routing and the ability to print stems back to a DAW. The four mono and four stereo channels feature independent level control, allowing for precise balancing.

Channel Processing and Monitoring Section from the 4000 Console

The dynamics and 3-band EQ on each channel are derived from the legendary SSL 4000 console, providing gentle, musical equalization and dynamics that complement the SuperAnalogue path. The comprehensive monitoring section offers main and alternate stereo outputs, mono check, talkback and more—allowing for accurate monitoring and communication during all stages of production.

Precision Control with Full-Size 100mm Faders

The full-size 100 mm faders provide precise, hands-on control, enabling nuanced adjustments to levels and automation. Their long throw and solid feel impart the sense of a finely tuned instrument, allowing for the subtlety and repeatability critical to high-end mixing applications.

Solid State Logic BiG SiX Professional Desktop Summing Mixer
Solid State Logic BiG SiX Professional Desktop Summing Mixer
Solid State Logic BiG SiX Professional Desktop Summing Mixer

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  • Two stereo cue feeds
  • Bus B/Mute switching
  • Two fully balanced stereo summing inputs
  • Up to 18 inputs at mixdown
  • Mix Bus inject for cascading additional SiX/BiG SiX
  • Four SuperAnalog “Money Channels” featuring
  • Mic/line level input/Hi-Z
  • Phantom power/HPF
  • Classic SSL Channel Dynamics
  • Updated 3-band LF/MF/HF SSL EQ (based on SSL E Series)
  • Fully balanced insert point
  • Four stereo inputs
  • Dual mono switching
  • Wide gain range
  • Built-in 16-channel high-quality USB AD/DA Converters
  • 96kHz/24-bit
  • Advanced routing
  • Three compressor flavors
  • Classic SSL Channel Dynamics
  • Listen Mic Compressor
  • Essential version of G-Comp Bus Compressor
  • 100 mm studio-grade faders
  • Classic SSL response curve with large sweet spot
  • Long throw, as found on large-format SSL consoles
  • Professional LED meters
  • Fast and accurate peak response
  • Large 12-segment main/8-segment channel metering
  • Defined segments for +24dBu and +18dBu
  • Essential version of SSL Bus Compressor
  • Based on legendary G-Comp design
  • Now with renowned Auto release
  • Two headphone outputs
  • Independently routable source matrix
  • Professional-quality headphone amp
  • Comprehensive Monitoring section
  • Switch between two sets of monitors
  • Mono/dim/cut
  • Flexible monitoring source matrix
  • Talk back

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  • Channels: 16
  • Sample Rate: 96kHz
  • Bit Depth: 24
  • Stereo Inputs: Four
  • Headphone Outputs: Two
  • Cue Feeds: Two stereo
  • Talk back: Yes
  • Stereo Summing Inputs: Two, fully balanced
  • Metering: Large 12-segment main, 8-segment channel