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The Snark Super Snark 3 clip-on tuner, an innovative tuner designed for guitar, bass, violin and more. With an easy-to-read full-color display and advanced tuning functions, the Super Snark 3 provides quick and accurate tuning for beginners and professionals alike.

Full-Color Display for Quick, Precise Tuning

The Super Snark 3 features a vibrant full-color display that clearly shows the note you're tuning to, as well as the note being played. An easy-to-read needle indicates whether you need to tune up or down, allowing for fast, precise tuning. The display rotates 360 degrees, so you'll always have a clear view no matter how the tuner is attached to your instrument.

Clip-on Convenience

The Super Snark 3 attaches directly to your instrument's headstock for hands-free convenience. The tuner's padded clamp applies firm pressure to keep it securely in place during energetic performances without marring the instrument's finish. When tuning is complete, the tuner clips off just as easily for storage in its included protective case.

Advanced Tuning Modes for All Instruments

Whether you play guitar, bass, violin or another instrument, the Super Snark 3 has a tuning mode to suit your needs. In addition to chromatic, guitar and bass tuning modes, the tuner offers violin, mandolin and ukulele presets. A transposition setting lets you quickly change between Eb, D, G, C and F instrument tunings. An auto-off feature helps conserve battery life when the tuner is not in use.

Snark Super Snark 3 Clip-on Tuner Black
Snark Super Snark 3 Clip-on Tuner Black
Snark Super Snark 3 Clip-on Tuner Black

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