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Simmons Titan 70 Electronic Drums | First Impressions and Demo with The Pocket Queenplay button

Simmons Titan 70 Electronic Drums | First Impressions and Demo with The Pocket Queen

Unlock Your Creativity with The Simmons Titan 70 Electronic Drum Kitplay button

Unlock Your Creativity with The Simmons Titan 70 Electronic Drum Kit

Under $1000 for THIS E-Kit?! | Simmons Titan 70 Review & Demoplay button

Under $1000 for THIS E-Kit?! | Simmons Titan 70 Review & Demo

This Drum Set looks and sounds insanely good! | Simmons Titan 70play button

This Drum Set looks and sounds insanely good! | Simmons Titan 70


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The Simmons Titan 70 represents a vast evolution of the Titan series electronic drum kits. Building on the immense successes of the intermediate Titan 50 and entry-level Titan 20 e-kits, the Titan 70 is a no-compromise percussion factory for serious creators who demand exceptional sound quality, near-effortless playability, comprehensive editing and trouble-free integration with DAWs and drum-sample software.

For home recording, it’s a lean, mean studio machine equipped with super playable mesh heads and cymbal pads—including a triple-zone ride cymbal—a substantial kick pad that accommodates single and double pedals, 314 drum sounds, 75 presets and user kits, easy editing of onboard sounds, and USB and MIDI connectivity. When you're in chops-improvement mode, Bluetooth audio streams your “play-along” tracks in the same headphones (or outboard speaker system) as the Titan 70’s drum sounds for an exhilarating, real-world rehearsal experience. The free Simmons Drum 2 app (iOS) adds some essential practice tools, and the Titan 70’s rack even has a detachable shelf to ensure your tablet or other device is directly in view while you’re working things out. Whether you’re a drummer, multi-instrumentalist or producer, the Simmons Titan 70 is the perfect groove headquarters for all of your music-making projects.


Big Pads for Maximum Playability

One of the many advantages of an e-kit is you don’t need massive shells or different types of drum heads to power the resonance and attack of the toms. Instead, you can precisely tweak the sounds for each of the Titan 70’s electronic, multi-zone mesh heads for everything from massive booms to sharp articulation and anything in between—including the otherworldly, synth-style percussion sounds of the original Simmons kits that powered ’80s new wave tracks and other innovative productions. Of course, it feels pretty terrific to hit generously sized mesh heads that emulate conventional acoustic drums—which is why the Simmons Titan 70 includes a 10" snare and four 8" toms, as well as a solid and sturdy 7" kick pad that can easily handle drummers who channel John Bonham’s gargantuan bass drum grooves. You can easily assign the heads as two rack toms and two floor toms, three rack toms and a single floor tom, or whatever arrangement you desire. A new, heavy-duty mounting rack keeps the Titan 70’s pads locked down and steady no matter how hard you like to bash around the kit. All of the Titan 70 mesh heads deliver the rebound and sensitivity of traditional acoustic drum heads, and multiple sonic zones on the pads and cymbals (two 10" crash and a 12" three-zone ride)—powered by Simmons’ Variable Attack Response technology—offer added expressiveness via snare rim shots, ride cymbal bell pings, crash cymbal chokes and more. Another flexible and hip feature is if you ever find yourself jonesing for a more massive, Neil Peart-style kit, the Titan 70 offers two-zone expansion inputs for adding optional pads.


Full-Bandwidth, Stereo Samples

Simmons has consistently advanced the quality of the sample libraries that are the sonic engines of its Titan series e-kits. For the Titan series, new sounds were sampled from scratch in a celebrated recording studio to ensure ultimate realism and sonic impact—which included capturing the natural ambience of the drum room along with the kit. Furthermore, the Simmons Titan 70’s onboard sounds are sampled in full-spectrum stereo from initial impact to the last wisps of decay, ensuring every boom, shimmer and swack is as real and organic as it gets. As a result, home-studio creators can record authentic drum sounds with the Titan 70 without worrying about microphone selection and placement, or getting frustrated if their studio space doesn’t have the right sonic environment to capture exceptional acoustic drum tracks. In fact, after starting your session with the Titan 70’s comprehensive sample library, you can use EQ, reverb and compression to refine the drum sounds even further. Emulate the kit on a favorite album, imitate the spaces of the world’s greatest studios (Abbey Road, anyone?) or boldly devise unique percussive textures that are all your own.


Enhanced USB and MIDI Connectivity for Triggering Sounds and Recording

"How do I record electronic drums?" is a question you’ll never ask yourself while working with the Simmons Titan 70. A built-in USB audio/MIDI interface provides seamless, no-fuss integration with the DAW of your choice, so you can start recording mind-blowing drum tracks whenever inspiration strikes. In addition, the Titan 70’s MIDI capability guarantees you’re never short of exciting sounds, because you can trigger drum samples from just about any sample library available. While the onboard sounds are likely all many drummers will ever need, Simmons acknowledges that some creators are always on the prowl for new and extraordinary options. There’s no need to abandon the Titan 70 if a collaborator or renowned producer has their own go-to, custom drum sample library. With USB and MIDI connectivity on the gig, the Simmons Titan 70 offers versatility, ease of use and expandability, so that you can keep your focus on composing and recording astounding drum performances.


Bluetooth Audio, iOS App and More

The Simmons Titan 70 is not solely a pro-level e-kit for laying down great tracks. It’s also a virtual tutor committed to helping you improve your chops and seeking out challenging new ideas. The free Simmons Drums 2 app includes metronome and practice modes to elevate your technique and sense of groove, and the Titan 70’s onboard Bluetooth audio lets you stream your favorite songs for play-along fun and education, or even access online lessons you can listen to while you try the exercises yourself. Wired playback devices are accommodated via a 1/8" stereo AUX input, and a 1/4" headphone jack keeps your lessons, practice and writing sessions, sound editing and recording projects as private as can be. That said, when you feel like rocking the nation—or at least a small part of it—1/4" stereo line outputs can send your percussive fury to a portable PA or house sound system.


Find Your Groove

Imagine not having to compete with big-budget producers and large, commercial studios to craft drum parts with the power, energy and dynamics you hear on hit records. Imagine leapfrogging over years of developing miking techniques to capture propulsive, master-quality drum sounds without even touching a microphone. Think about being able to create your own drum parts—even if you’re mainly a guitarist, bassist, keyboardist or violinist—and document them to build songs, soundtracks and more. As the Simmons Titan 70 has all those "dreams" fully incorporated into its systems, it offers all musicians a graceful and intuitive path to expanding their music-making, recording and production chops.

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • High-definition, full-length sounds with stereo room ambience powered by Simmons (Variable Attack Response) technology for expressive dynamics and realistic performance
  • Large 10" dual-zone, responsive mesh snare with rimshot detection
  • Four 8" dual-zone toms with low-profile rims and rim sensors
  • 12" three-zone ride cymbal with bow, bell and edge crash zones
  • Bluetooth MIDI Control for editing the module using Simmons app and working with compatible music/drum apps
  • Bluetooth audio compatible with computers, smart phones and tablets for wireless audio connection to the module
  • Steel, full-sized, sturdy rectangular rack and adjustable clamps to keep everything locked in place while playing
  • Easy-to-use sound editing, play-along and practice tools

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and Lead, which is known to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

collapse expand iconSpecs

  • Tom pad(s): 4
  • Cymbal pad(s): 4
  • Snare pad: 1
  • Kickpad: Yes
  • Total pads: 10
  • Drum kits: 75
  • Sounds: 314
  • Line input: 2
  • Headphone jack: Yes
  • USB: Yes
  • MIDI: Yes
  • Training functions: Yes
  • Pad material: Mesh
  • Zones: Multiple
  • Tom pad size: 8"
  • Snare pad size: 10"
  • Rack: Yes
  • Kick pedal: Yes
  • Throne: No