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Shure MOTIV MV7 Podcast Microphone

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Every Icon Has a Story. What's Yours? | Shure


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Good mics are more accessible than ever, but quiet space is harder to find. The Shure MV7 solves that problem. This dynamic microphone allows podcasters to capture isolated, studio-quality sound without a vocal booth. Combining legendary pedigree with a few modern tricks, it's a quality mic for a new era of creator. If noise is your concern, Guitar Center recommends the MV7 as a highly flexible, all-in-one solution.

Perfect for Noise-Free Voice Recordings

The Shure MV7 uses a combination of hardware and software to eliminate outside noise, even in imperfect environments. First, the hardware: The MV7 is inspired by the Shure SM7B, one of the most acclaimed vocal mics ever made. Both mics use a polar pattern that's unidirectional, meaning they reject off-axis sounds. That’s before any editing or filtering—the MV7 simply isn’t sensitive to sound that doesn’t come from the front. The pattern is tight enough to focus on your voice, but wide enough that you can still move your head a bit. So, go ahead, get animated on the air. This mic won't flinch.

Seamless Software Integration

Where the MV7 gets innovative is the software. When connected via USB, the mic integrates with the Shure MOTIV desktop app. Choose Auto Level mode, select a preferred vocal tone and pick your distance from the mic. The MV7 will handle the rest. It’s not just a preset—Auto Level adjusts in real time to keep things even. For complete control, MOTIV also has a manual mode. There are digital controls to adjust gain, monitor mix, EQ, limiter, compressor and more.

Analog or Digital? It's Your Choice

In addition to USB, the Shure MV7 has an XLR connector, meaning it functions as an analog mic as well. For beginning podcasters, XLR will let you expand your setup with an audio interface in the future. For those with larger rigs, the USB/XLR combination makes the MV7 an excellent travel mic that you can still use in your studio. Just unplug the mic, grab a USB cable and you're good to go. There’s even a built-in headphone jack for direct, zero-latency monitoring and a touch panel for adjusting levels on the fly.

Just as Useful for Musicians

Much of what makes the MV7 good for podcasting also makes it useful for recording music. For singers, the one-way polar pattern and Auto Level feature help produce clean, impactful vocal tracks. The wide dynamic range is great for miking amps and drums. And thanks to the XLR connector, this mic fits perfectly into instrument recording rigs that run through multi-channel audio interfaces.

Shure is one of the most trusted names in audio. This mic applies nearly a century of experience to the needs of today’s podcaster and musician. For crisp, isolated recordings in noisy environments, the MV7 is an easy choice, and a good one.
Shure MV7 USB and XLR Dynamic Microphone Black
Shure MV7 USB and XLR Dynamic Microphone Black
Shure MV7 USB and XLR Dynamic Microphone Black

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • Dynamic microphone with USB and XLR outputs
  • Additional customization and control with the free ShurePlus MOTIV app
  • Voice Isolation technology prevents unwanted background noise
  • Built-in touch panel for quick adjustments
  • Built-in headphone monitoring
  • Optimized mic position presets to adjust to your personal recording preferences

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

collapse expand iconWarranty

One year warranty on wireless mics, mixers, and circuitry products.
2 year warranty on wired mics.
Warranty terms vary. Check with manufacturer for specific product warranty.

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