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Rockabilly Pro has partnered with Shadow Electronics to design a revolutionary pickup and preamp system for upright bass that provides unmatched tonal versatility and control. The Rockabilly Pro Dual Upright bass pickup and preamp utilizes two separate pickups - one for slap technique and one for the bridge - each with its own preamp and tone controls. Bassists can now achieve their ideal tone for any playing style or genre.

Dual Pickups Provide Versatile Tone Shaping

The Rockabilly Pro system includes two pickups: a bridge pickup for a full, rounded tone and a slap pickup mounted under the fingerboard for a percussive, snappy sound. Blend the pickups to create your perfect balance of lows and highs. The bridge pickup runs through an preamp with bass, mid, presence, volume and subsonic filter controls for shaping your tone. A pre-shape switch provides even more tonal options. The slap pickup has its own preamp with gain, lo-cut, treble, volume and treble shift controls to dial in just the right amount of snap and pop.

Independent Preamps Allow for Custom Tone Crafting

With separate preamps for the bridge and slap pickups, you have independent control over each pickup's tone and volume. Boost the mids on the bridge pickup and roll back the highs on the slap pickup for a balanced Rockabilly thump. Drop the lo-cut filter on the slap pickup and increase the treble for an aggressive slap bass tone. The possibilities are endless with the level of customization the dual preamps provide.

Onboard Chromatic Tuner for Quick Tuning on the Fly

An onboard chromatic tuner is built into the preamp for quick tuning between songs without having to connect a separate tuner. The tuner allows you to tune each string individually for precise intonation every time. With the Rockabilly Pro system, you'll always be in tune and ready to perform.

9V DC Power for Studio and Live Performance

The Rockabilly Pro pickup and preamp system is powered by a 9V DC power supply, allowing you to use it for both studio recording and live performance. No need to worry about changing batteries before a gig. Just plug in the included power supply and you're ready to rock.

Shadow Electronics Rockabilly Pro Dual Upright Bass Pickup and Preamp
Shadow Electronics Rockabilly Pro Dual Upright Bass Pickup and Preamp
Shadow Electronics Rockabilly Pro Dual Upright Bass Pickup and Preamp

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