Seymour Duncan

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The Seymour Duncan Woody SC single-coil soundhole pickup gives acoustic guitarists an affordable way to amplify their instrument without sacrificing its natural warmth and resonance. Designed with singer-songwriters and folk players in mind, the Woody SC provides moderate gain to blend evenly with vocals while preserving the guitar's acoustic character.

Single-Coil Clarity With Body and Depth

The Woody SC's single-coil design delivers a clear, articulate tone with rich lows and sparkling highs. Its moderate output means no unwanted distortion, even when played aggressively, allowing dynamic fingerstylists to capture the nuances of their technique. For strummers, the Woody SC provides enough volume to fill a room without overpowering other instruments. Overall, the pickup's tone has a natural, uncolored quality that meshes beautifully with the sound of an acoustic guitar.

Quick-Mount Installs in Seconds

The Woody SC installs instantly in most standard acoustic guitar soundholes ranging from 3.75" to 4" in diameter. No soldering or modification to your guitar is required. Simply plug the included 14' cable into your amplifier or PA and you're ready to perform. For players who regularly switch between multiple acoustics, the Woody SC's quick-mount design makes it easy to move the pickup between guitars as needed.

Handcrafted Maple Housing and Double-Potted Coils

The Woody SC's maple cover is hand-polished for an attractive appearance and the pickup's coils are double-potted in epoxy to prevent unwanted feedback and handling noise. Even at high stage volumes, the Woody SC remains well-behaved. For recording, its inherent quietness provides a clean signal path for capturing the subtleties of your acoustic guitar's tone without audible buzz or hum.

An Affordable Solution for Acoustic Amplification

For budget-conscious singer-songwriters and acoustic folk artists seeking amplification, the Seymour Duncan Woody SC offers an affordable alternative to expensive microphone and preamp systems. Its combination of great tone, feedback resistance and ease of use provides an ideal solution for small to mid-sized venues where high-quality acoustic tone is a must.

Seymour Duncan SA-3SC Woody Single-Coil Acoustic Soundhole Pickup - Maple
Seymour Duncan SA-3SC Woody Single-Coil Acoustic Soundhole Pickup - Maple
Seymour Duncan SA-3SC Woody Single-Coil Acoustic Soundhole Pickup - Maple

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  • Pop-in soundhole pickup
  • Single-coil design
  • Slim body profile
  • Bright, clear tone
  • Resistant to feedback
  • Housed in hand-polished rock maple