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Seymour Duncan Soapbar Guitar Pickups

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For Seymour Duncan, making outstanding pickups has been far more than just a career - it's a lifelong passion that contributes to everything he and his colleagues put out. His roots go back to the 1950s and '60s, when Duncan was growing up alongside the electric guitar as we know it. And while he was becoming an accomplished guitarist, the real turning point in his life came when he had to repair a broken pickup, and it came out sounding better when he was finished. It's safe to say he found his calling then, and that repair became the first in a long line of pickups that now includes the Seymour Duncan soapbar guitar pickups found here in this section.

Most of these pickups are based on the P-90 standard, so they'll fit without modification in any guitar that's designed for it. Beyond that, choosing from the lineup depends on the sort of tone and character you're looking for. Take the Seymour Duncan STK-P1 Stacked P-90 Single-Coil Pickup for instance: it's built to deliver true humbucking performance with classic P-90 tone that's clear and quiet enough for the studio. But if you'd rather have a hotter sound, you might prefer the extra coil windings and high-intensity ceramic magnets on the Seymour Duncan SP90-2 Hot Soapbar Pickup. Or maybe you want a drop-in replacement to put on a Jazzmaster? In that case, the Seymour Duncan SJM-3 Quarter-Pound Jazzmaster Pickup has you covered.

Every guitarist has unique tastes in pickup sound and output, so there's truthfully no one-size-fits-all solution in the world of guitar pickups. But there's also no doubt that some pickups stand out from the crowd, and everything bearing the Seymour Duncan name certainly qualifies. So if you've been holding out for some truly stellar soapbars, your wait could be over - Seymour Duncan soapbar guitar pickups are more than ready to satisfy some of the most discerning guitarists around.